28 Mar 2015

Celebrating 125 Years of Boots Baby

When I was pregnant with my oldest, Lucas, I went to every class, read every book and planned on doing everything I could to have a healthy, happy baby. Not everything goes quite to plan. And what they don't tell you in books is that you can't plan, not really. You can have everything you think you'll need, you can plan what you want to do, but what happens when things change?

Newborn Baby

26 Mar 2015

LeapFrog LeapReader Party

We've had an unlucky run of illness in the kids recently and with Aria having a little operation. We were supposed to host our LeapFrog LeapReader book club party, but had to put it off due to illness. However, finally got around having our party and had a ball. We had my two boys and two of their little friends came over to have some reading fun together. Have you hosted a book club party? 

We set-up the party table. And some colouring books and stickers to get into the party mood. We had dinosaur masks, balloons and even party hats.

Party Table

25 Mar 2015

Boys - The Gallery 223

This week's Gallery Prompt at from the lovely Tara over at Sticky Fingers is Boys.

I have two wonderful boys, both of whom are very different. Being an only child, I naively thought they'd be little clones of each other, how wrong I was. Lucas who is just turned 8 loves playing football. He always has a ball at his feet and would play constantly. He lives in his own wee world and likes to know how everything works.


Tyler, has just turned 6. He's a cheeky chappy and loves to make you laugh. He's loud, clued into the world around him, but shy and extremely kind. He too loves to play football and loves soft toys. Both similar and both so different, even in their looks. But both boys are wonderful and amaze me everyday.

Little Boy

18 Mar 2015

Green - The Gallery 222

This week's Gallery Prompt at from the lovely Tara over at Sticky Fingers is Green.

The weather had been so awful here recently, we've had snow, hail and so much rain. There isn't even a hint of Spring in the garden yet. No Daffodil leave, no snowdrops surfacing, nothing. We can't wait to get some dry weather to get out and run around and see what Green things Spring has brought. The grass is looking very green, but it's oh so chilly.


While we are talking about Green, I had to share Tyler and his favourite clothing attire of pj's. He would live in them if he could. He even plays football out that back in them. I've drawn the line at going to school in them!!

Turtle Pjs

We are looking forward to getting out into the great outdoors more and more. You? What is your child's favourite item of clothing?

17 Mar 2015

Review - Karcher Window Vacuum Extension And Holster

Karcher Window Vacuum

Last year I reviewed the awesome Karcher Window Vac, I say awesome as it is and I still use it every fortnight if not more regularly indoors due to grubby little toddler finger prints. As if the Karcher Window Vac wasn't good enough I now got to try out the Karcher Window Vac Extension Lance and holster.

11 Mar 2015

Mother - What being a Mother - The Gallery 221

This week's Gallery Prompt at from the lovely Tara over at Sticky Fingers is Mother.

The most remarkable and phenomenal moment of my life was when I became a Mother. It is truly awe-inspiring and terrifying at the same time. When you look into those gorgeous eyes of your new born you are a completely different person and your life will never be the same. They will always come first and you will do anything to protect them.


Today is one I am feeling apprehensive, nervous and anxious. As a Mother I want to protect my child, but today I need to put my faith in the wonderful doctors and nurses. Today is the first time any of my babies have had to have an operation. Aria is having a lump cut out of her face. It's on her jawline, but we are unsure of what it is. It's likely to be nothing, but it's growing with her, so it need to come out. It annoys her and it's solid. She's in the right place and the staff are wonderful. I am a bit worried about the fasting, but hopefully once we are there she'll be OK.

10 Mar 2015

Picking the Ideal Family Car

Picking the ideal family car isn't easy. What would you look for in a car if you were purchasing one just now for your family? I would look for something that had space, with three children you need this. This would be my main priority. Next would be cost and running costs.

Honda HR-V


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