19 Dec 2014

Gaming For Kids

We love to play games as a family, whether than is board games, playground games or console games. We also play individually, but join in as a family, maybe cheering on the other or helping them get past a difficult level. It's all about moderation really and making sure the games that kids are playing are appropriate for them. My husband is a big gamer and the games he plays are not suitable for the kids, so he only plays once they are in bed. These are a few of the games we've been having fun playing recently.

Disney Magical WorldHaving been to Disneyland Paris in September we are all loving Disney more than ever. We were so excited to try out Disney Magical World for the 2DS & 3DS and we were not disappointed. You get to meet and interact with all the great characters like Mickey, Minnie, Goofy, one of my personal faves Scrooge McDuck and many many more. Not only can you interact with them, but you can customise the with outfits, accessories and pieces of furniture while collecting stickers and decorating Castleton Cafe. There are many tasks to complete, some difficult some simple, but you will have a lot of fun along the way and unlock new areas like Cinderella land, Alice in Wonderland and many more. You can connect with friends via wifi and interact with them. I loved this game, it's full of Disney magic and entertainment, you can't go wrong. The kids loved it too, when I gave them a go.

16 Dec 2014

Christmas Gift Ideas for Women

After buying all the Christmas gifts for the kids, you sometimes forget about yourself. I know I do. These are a list of things I'd like to review for my Christmas and I'd love to know what you'd like to receive from Santa?

My Name NecklaceAs a mother I am proud of my children and proud to be a mother. I have been looking for a while for a nice piece of jewellery to show off my motherhood. I really love the Family Tree Necklace by My Name Necklace. I have traced my family tree over many years, being an only child I felt I wanted to find out as much about my family and have as many relatives as I could. So this necklace in particular appealed to me and I am pleased to say I'll have this under my tree this Christmas. I have the children's birth stones on the tree on the front and their names on the disk underneath. It's perfect and I love it. I think this would make a great gift for any mother, grandmother, auntie, etc.

12 Dec 2014

Christmas Gift Round Up For Toddlers

I love purchasing presents for toddlers, they are easy to buy for and a lot of fun. I thought I'd create a list of items I have purchased or reviewed or will be purchasing for Aria over the last year and for Christmas. Here is my list of great toddler gifts.

Fairy Tale CrayonsIf your toddler is anything like mine then he/she will love to colour. I'm not so keen on cleaning pen off of my toddlers belly every evening, so crayons are my friend. I came across these crayons which are sold at Flamingo Gifts. I love these, they are solid, sturdy, bright, colourful and they colour well. They come in Pirate crayons, animals and these gorgeous Fairytale ones are my favourite. These make a great stocking filler at £4.99 or a gift for a little one. Do check out the rest of this site for some fab and unusual gifts. 

10 Dec 2014

Christmas - The Gallery 212

This week's Gallery Prompt at from the lovely Tara over at Sticky Fingers is Christmas.

I love Christmas. I love the decorations, the festivities, the songs, the mulled wine, everything about it really. I can't wait to put the tree up, fake one, but I still love it. Christmas is all about family and festivities. Here's the tree, the kids and I decorated together. Plus some little ornaments we've had for years. I love spending time with the children writing their letters, having fun with the elves, taking them to see Santa and making memories.

Christmas - The Gallery

9 Dec 2014

Review - Personalised Christmas Cards By Postsnap


Ever since I had children, I've always loved to send a personalised Christmas card, to at least my close friends and family, with a picture of one or more of the children on it. I think it's nice for those who are closest to me, but live on the other side of the world to see my children grow. Plus it's something they can keep. Maybe put on their fridge. I know a few who do that. Finding a nice card that is easy to create, quick to deliver, I'm always running late and affordable isn't always easy. This is where Postsnap comes into play.

Postsnap is a free app which you can download from the apple store on your iPhone or iPad, which allows you to create post cards, greeting cards and announcement cards using your own photos. The cards can then either be sent back to you or anywhere you would like to send them to, all direct from the app. 

8 Dec 2014

Magical Christmas Cards With the Movie Me

I have spoken about my love of Christmas movies many times on my blog. I can't help it I love them. I love the feel good factor, the happy endings and the love of family at Christmas. They aren't all fuzzy and sweet, don't worry, there are ups and downs along the way to the happy ending! Plus there are some creepy and sad Christmas films if that floats your boat. For me Christmas films should be all sweetness and light. The Good Witch Movies are always a favourite with me at Christmas, with a new one coming out each year. What do you look for in a Christmas film?

I always make sure I have the Sky Movie Channels at Christmas time, giving plenty of time to get caught up on all the up to date films and lots of Christmas classics thrown in. Sky Movies has the best range of Christmas films I've come across and has many up to date films and more than one screening so you won't be missing out on a thing.

7 Dec 2014

Silent Sunday - Week 50

Silent Sunday 50

10 Fun Winter Craft Activities for Bored Children

If you’re fed up of hearing those two dreaded words, 'I’m bored', why not stock up on arts supplies from sites like Homecrafts and keep the kids entertained with a host of artistic activities? There’s plenty of ways to occupy young minds, so here are 10 art-based ideas for inspiration:

Craft Activities


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