1 Oct 2014

Creative - The Gallery 202

This week's Gallery Prompt at from the lovely Tara over at Sticky Fingers is Creative.

We love to get creative in our house. I love to draw and paint and studied art when I was younger. However, working and the boys at school doesn't leave as much time to get creative as I'd like. On Monday we were all off for a bank holiday and got some painting done.

SusanKMann Creative

Finger Painting

30 Sep 2014

Review And Giveaway Vilac Spinning Top

This month as an Asobi Ambassador it's been about retro style toys and going back to my childhood. This month we tried and tested a traditional toy from Vilac Toys, we got to play with a spinning top. Of which we have another review and giveaway of this product.

Vilac Spinning Top

26 Sep 2014

Encouraging Children To Do Writing - Making A Pencil Pot

As I mentioned in my blog post a few weeks back about Encouraging Children to Read, it's not only his reading Tyler is reluctant to do, it's also writing. This got me thinking about what I could do to encourage him to write and want to write.

I think it helps when you start by making it fun, get them to write about something they are into like football players names or their toys names. Books with lots of bight pictures with space to write help and stickers as a reward for work well done is great for younger children. When Tyler started out writing, I used to do sheets with dots in the shape of letters to help him get the feel of the shapes. Now he writes on his own, but gets bored and fed up easily. We decided to make a pencil pot together that would help him keep his pens and pencils where he wanted them. And hopefully encourage him to keep them there.

What are your top tips:-

25 Sep 2014

Book Review - The Flying Bath By Julia Donaldson

The Flying Bath

The Flying Bath is the latest in the Julia Donaldson and illustrated David Roberts books for children. We are huge fans of Julia Donaldson in our house and with my youngest boy Tyler learning to read, he was delighted to give this book a go. 

What I love about Julia's books is that the words are simple, but the story is fun and imaginative. Plus with the Rhyming aspect, it's infectious and children want it over and over again. This book didn't fail in that respect. It is slightly different from Room in the Broom, Zog, etc. This book is more like her range from Tyrannosaurus Drip, etc. 

24 Sep 2014

Family - The Gallery 201

This week's Gallery Prompt at from the lovely Tara over at Sticky Fingers is Family.

We don't have any pictures of all of us together as a family. I am aware of this and tried to get ones done, but they never worked out. There is always ones with the kids, or ones with the kids and I or the kids and Robert, but never all of us together. However, I did remember I got one taken by one of those guys who stand outside Disneyland and try to get tourists to part with some cash. Well I did and finally got a family picture last week. It's not great, but it's us and I love it.


23 Sep 2014

My bareMinerals Make Under

I have been a HUGE fan of bareMinerals for over five years now and would never go back to wearing anything other than bareMinerals. I feel it's perfect for my skin, feels light and airy and works well. I used to wear the lose powder, but about a year or so I changed to the compact which just saved a minute or so when heading to work in the morning. However, when I was told about their new Serum Foundation, bareSkin I knew I had to try it. So off I went to the lovely bareMinerals counter in Debenhams at Silverburn in Glasgow for a make under.

I have been here before as it's the first place I tried bareMinerals back in the day, and I'm still in love with the product. The store is big, bright and welcoming. I've never felt out of place or uncomfortable. I also like that the light doesn't change the look of your make-up.I met the lovely Kerriee who was my make under artist for the day. She was amazing and I wish I could have taken her home with me. Her box of tricks.

17 Sep 2014

Our 8am - The Gallery 200

This week's Gallery Prompt at from the lovely Tara over at Sticky Fingers is 8am. I cannot believe we have reach 200 gallery posts. And I still haven't missed one yet.

This week we are in Disneyland Paris, so the picture I thought would be most appropriate was taken at 8am on Monday morning at Glasgow airport. This is just before we got on our flight. We were all so excited. This is not our usual 8am, but one I will treasure for ever. I'll see all your 8am's when I get back.

14 Sep 2014

Review And Giveaway Of the Awesome Lottie Dolls

Lottie Dolls

My favourite toy when I was a little girl was my Sindy dolls. I loved them and I had the house, I played with them for hours. What I liked about Sindy was she was down to earth, she looked like she'd be a nice person if you met her in real life. I hated Barbie, she looked too skinny and nasty. Well, that's what I told my mum anyway. When I had a girl of my own and even the boys, I wanted a doll that was down to earth, realistic, would be a good person to talk too and who'd be a good role model. Then I met her. Her name was Lottie Doll.



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