24 Nov 2014

Win a Personalised Mojo Necklace From Scarlett Jewellery Worth £128

Win a Personalised Mojo Necklace

Sneaky Car Salesman Tactics Used Only on Women


You would think in this day and age, sexism would be dead and buried. However, in the car sales industry it is still very much alive and kicking. Did you know that there are several sales tactics used by car salesmen on women only? If you’re a female looking for a brand new car, it may be worth becoming familiar with some of the sales methods used by many car dealers. The best way to shop securely is to engage with a reliable dealership such as www.jenningsmotorgroup.co.uk/.

20 Nov 2014

Bring Back The Joy of Wrapping

Christmas Presents

Wrapping Christmas present used to be one of my favourite things to do in the run up to Christmas,  but since having children, especially three and who all have their birthdays within a month of Christmas, wrapping gets a bit tedious. I used to love to wrap my present with bows and ribbon and have them looking all fancy and special under the tree. I still do that with one or two, but I quickly learnt that children don't really care about bows and ribbon, it just added to time it took to get into the gift. Don't get me wrong, seeing your child's face light up, when they get the present they have been wishing for is the best thing ever. And so is the build up to the big day.

19 Nov 2014

Being A Parent - The Gallery 209

This week's Gallery Prompt at from the lovely Tara over at Sticky Fingers is Being a Parent.

I had no idea what Being a Parent was before I had children. I'd never even changed a nappy until a few weeks before when I changed one of my teeny tiny twin nieces. It was scary and I was scared of babies. They look so fragile and breakable. Once I had Lucas in my arms, the love I felt was overwhelming and the need to protect this little guy was all I knew. This is the first time I knew what Being a Parent was all about. Love and protection, amongst a few other things.

Being a Parent

14 Nov 2014

Review - Fisher-Price Little People Disney Princess Klip Klop Palace

Fisher-Price Little People Disney Princes Klip Klop Palace
Last year we bought Aria the Fisher-Price Little People Disney Princess Castle for her first Christmas. She loves it and plays with it everyday. It still looks brand new and it is well played with. So when I heard about Fisher-Price Little People Disney Klip Klop Palace I knew she would love this and I was right. What's not to like, little Princess' with horses and horses that klip klop down ramps. It's fab, I love it, never mind Aria.

12 Nov 2014

Yellow - The Gallery 208

This week's Gallery Prompt at from the lovely Tara over at Sticky Fingers is Yellow.

The first thing I thought of when I saw Tara's prompt was of Tyler's beautiful sunflower. He planted the seed at school just before Summer in a little tub and we watched it grow over the holidays on the windowsill counting the leaves each week. It grew bigger and bigger and one day I planted it in our garden. It kept growing, but we never saw any flowers. Then in September we got a lovely surprise. Not one, but a whole bunch of beautiful yellow flowers. He was so chuffed and my heart swelled to see how big this amazing plant has grown from a tiny little seed he planted.

The Gallery - Yellow

Looking After Your Child's Future

Looking After Your Childs Future

I always worry about the future. I worry I am a good enough mum, trying to install the right values, and doing the right thing, and importantly. And that we will have enough money to live the life we are accustomed to and that we can give our children the future we want. All of this costs money and times are still tight. However, I still put money away every month towards our children's future. It's not a lot, but it's a start. Do you?

11 Nov 2014

Be Safe Be Seen

I have to admit I do like the dark nights, being cosy in the house with a good book. I love the fresh, crisp mornings. Autumn is my favourite time of the year. But, with the dark nights upon us, I am constantly worried about my children being seen when near and crossing roads. It's time to remind our children about the extra dangers of the dark nights and to be safe, be seen. We have reflective badges and I think these make a big difference with the car light reflecting off them. They may not see the child, but they know something is there and to be careful.

The Co-Op Funeral Care are with us on wanting to help teach our children to be safe be seen in the dark months ahead. They have been going around schools and educating our children, along with giving out reflective badges to help them stay safe and be seen. I think this is an excellent initiative and one I fully support.


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