22 Jan 2015

How Can My Baby Girl Be 2 Already??

Baby Girl

Yes it really is birthday central here, with all three of my children's birthday's within a month of each other! Like with all my children and yours, they grow so fast, like I said yesterday in my little boy Tyler's birthday blog post. But really? How can my baby girl be 2 already? It only seems like yesterday I was announcing my pregnancy on a Silent Sunday post. And then her birth, just a few months later. The last 2 years have been a mixed of delight, settling and all of us being in awe of our beautiful girl. You are perfect. You complete us as a family. And we love you.

Birthday Girl

You can read about your first birthday and see how much you've grown. This year you have done so much, your personality has really shown through and you have grown so much. Please slow down. You walked well before your first birthday, but you didn't really start talking until about 15 months and now you pretty much attempt every word. You can ask for everything you want, pretty clear and even string sentences together. You amaze all of us ever day. You are clever and kind. Sweet and loud. I don't know where you get the loudness from, maybe having two big brothers encourages that.

Disneyland Paris

You've had your first time on a plane when we went to Disneyland Paris and loved the characters, well, unless the came near you, then not so much. You loved the rides and had a ball. You love interacting with other children and your favourite thing is to sing and dance. You are great at it, especially singing Happy Birthday, Let it go and Twinkle Twinkle.

Brothers and sister

Like your brothers who adore you, you idolise them and want to do everything they do. They are so kind and loving towards you and you to them. It really does make my heart fill with pride. And like Tyler you love your soft toys. But your favourite toy is your baby dolls. You will make a great mummy one day, you are so kind and gentle and take such good care of them.


I am thinking the next few years might be a testing few years in the temper tantrum and stubbornness front. You already have a bit of a fiery temper about you, must be that red hair thanks to the diet irn bru I may have drank when pregnant with you. If you don't want to do something, it isn't easy to persuade you otherwise. Same goes for clothes, you like to pick out your own clothes and dress yourself. Little Miss Independent you are.

Say Cheese

You are a little mummy's girl and copy what I do, when I take pictures on my phone so do you. Animals are something you love so much, and when we had a little cat hanging around the log cabin we were staying in on holiday, you couldn't help but feed and make sure he was ok.


One of your many talents is how you manage to eat chocolate cake, get it everywhere and not on your pretty dress. Amazes me every time.

Chocolate Cake

So many wonderful expressions cross your face in a day and I think my favourite one, was one I captured on your first trip through a car wash below. You were so excited. 


I cannot wait to see what the next year brings and I promise to try to embrace every minute of it. I hate leaving you to go to work, but know you have so much fun with your grandparents and granny. Know I always think about you and your brothers, every minute I am away until we are reunited at the end of the working day.

Out and about

I hope you have a wonderful birthday. You already love your cake and we can all embrace your hopefully not terrible twos together. I'm sure we'll laugh in the face of terrible two's this time next year. The little angel you are.


Love you with all of my heart, Mummy xx

21 Jan 2015

Happy 6th Birthday To My Happy Little Boy

Today my little boy Tyler turns 6. Wow, really where has the time went. It only seems like yesterday I started my blog and wrote my very first post on Tyler's first birthday, his birth post. I changed blogs so the date was out a little, but yes today is also my 5th blogoversay. Happy birthday to my cheeky, happy, funny, sweet, handsome and adorable little boy and happy blogoversary to my little space, I call my blog.

Happy 6th Birthday

Trees - The Gallery 214

This week's Gallery Prompt at from the lovely Tara over at Sticky Fingers is Trees.

I love pictures of trees, especially bare trees in the Winter months. They look striking, the twisted branches intertwining within the heart of the tree. The silhouettes against the sky are picturesque. These are a few I took when out sledging with the children at the weekend. Hope you like them as much as I do.


Sun Tree

18 Jan 2015

Silent Sunday - Week 3 2015

Silent Sunday 3 New Glasses

Make Your New Year’s Resolutions A Success

Many of us have made a number of New Year’s resolutions, but we all have a problem with sticking to them as the year progresses. No matter what the resolution is, be it to quit smoking, lose weight or save money; the longer we try to do it, the harder it gets. So, here are some hints and tips to help you ensure your New Year’s resolutions remain a success. 

17 Jan 2015

Do You Wanna Build a Snowman.....


It's been a few years since we've had enough snow to build a snowman. I love the snow. I love to how it makes everything seem silent. I love how it makes everything bright. I love how it makes me feel. It's calming, it's empowering and it's peaceful. It's like being in a giant snow globe that's been shaken and is all glittery and beautiful. A white blanket of cold, beautiful ice, covering the world and silencing anything in it's wake.

14 Jan 2015

Me - The Gallery 213

This week's Gallery Prompt at from the lovely Tara over at Sticky Fingers is Me.

This is probably my least favourite topic to talk about. I think I am an honest, kind and friendly person. I'm not anything special, but I try to be a good mum and my family is my world. I love my children and husband with all my heart. I have a good career in the IT industry and love to blog and just write. I would go out of my way to help others and much rather talk about others than myself. However, I feel like a failure at these things recently. This the way I feel. I have been struggling a lot over the last while with anxiety and have an internal struggle on a daily basis about whether I am a being a good mum, wife, friend, etc. I am trying to do something about it, but tell me I'm not alone? I feel like I'm crazy.

Fun Things To Do When You Have The Evening To Yourself

The children are snuggled up and on a good night they won’t rise from their slumber and bother you. With a few hours until you follow them upstairs you’ve got time to indulge in some fun activities without even leaving the home, and here are five of the best. By the way, don’t look for that – it’s not here, although it is undoubtedly fun.



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