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Home Comforts – The Gallery 239

This week’s The Gallery prompt is Home Comforts on the lovely Tara’s Sticky Fingers Blog. I never thought about this before I tried to find what I would show for today’s The Gallery post, but I don’t have any home comforts, like a favourite chair, cushion, slippers, glass, mug, anything like that. I don’t have a […]

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The Woodland Trust – Nature Detectives

We love the great outdoors, especially woods, we even spend our holidays in a Forest. So why did I not know about the Woodland Trust? I don’t know, do you? If you don’t and you and your children love the great outdoors then you should too. 

Qute Gerbil Cage in Walnut

Giveaway – Qute Gerbil & Hamster Cage From Omlet

I feel pets are great for children and if you don’t want a cat or a dog, hamsters and gerbils make great pets for children. They don’t take up much room, are cheap and are fun to look after. Omlet do some very stylish and excellent habitats for animals, we have an Omlet Eglu Guinea […]

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