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Sky Painting

Cranberry Juice

Long Week

It’s been a long week, hasn’t it? I am so ready for the weekend. Since I left you with last weeks weekly post the first day back was at work was a long one. The kids were ok at going back to school on day 1, but it got harder as the week went on. Everyone got more and more tired and cranky. I can’t be the only one, can I?

Last weekend we had no football, but instead, we just chilled together, watching tv, eating good food and just generally spending time together. Even with 3 weeks off, Monday morning came around quickly. We were all up, dress, ready and raring to go before my Mum arrived to watch the younger two kids while I went to work. Lucas was already at school and Robert had been to the gym. I managed to capture a beautiful skyscape on Monday night. This is one of the perks of it being dark on the way home from work, I got the picture from my office window. Lucas and Robert were thrust back into the swing of things with football training that evening. I was glad of an evening at home to find out how Aria and Tyler’s day went.

It started to get a little more difficult to get out of bed on Tuesday morning. I am on medication that makes me drowsy, so that wasn’t helping, but everyone else seems to be the same. I did the school run and then headed to work. I finished early to do the school run again, pick up Lucas from school  and then Tyler from school football. By that time it’s pretty much dinner. I did fit in homework, which is another reason I do school hours one day a week if possible. It helps to get a bit of balance with work and family life. The photo I shared on Tuesday did make me laugh with Aria’s face when she tried cranberry juice, isn’t it funny? It makes me smile.

Wednesday, halfway though. It’s busy at work just now, so the days go fast, but it still feels long. Hard to get back into the swing of things after being with the kids for 3 weeks. More football training Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. Poor Robert as he coaches them all. I captured a beautiful sunrise on the way into work Wednesday. The sun is pretty much waking when we go to work and it’s tucked up snoring when I leave. Roll on the lighter evenings.

Lucas hadn’t been keeping well with a heavy cold which is playing with his asthma, so we’ve tried to get him to give football training and extra training a miss. Didn’t work with the exception of the extra training. He’s starting to feel better, but still very heavy looking. Thursday, nothing much else happened.

Friday, oh I am so glad we have reached Friday. We are tired and ready for the weekend. I had today, Friday, off, but had to go into work as I had someone leaving. I did the school runs, did some chores, I pitched my book on twitter and make a lasagne. I also captured a nice photo of Aria when we were going round to see her friend.

I decided this year I wanted to do more writing and get my re-write and edit of my book finished, so all week I have aimed for a goal of 250 words. It’s not a lot,  so it’s achievable. I smashed it each day. Long may it continue. This weekend I have the food shop arriving, football on Sunday and some birthday shopping to do. Hoping the kids will sleep a little longer to catch up. Until next week. How has your week been?project-365-2017-badge

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Happy New Year, Happy Birthday And A Disney Castle Our Weekly Photos – Week 1 Sat, 05 Jan 2019 23:10:22 +0000 Happy New Year

Disney Castle

Gluten Free Birthday Cake

Happy New Year. We are still on holiday mode here and I’ve not taken that many photos this week. It’s been filled with lazy days where the kids haven’t gotten out of the pj’s and played with toys. I have to say it’s been lovely. So here we are in the first week of the year since last weeks weekly post we’ve celebrated two family birthdays and Hogmanay. And I still have no idea what day it is! How has your week been?

Lucas has been going to the gym to do his induction days and enjoying the treadmill. He’s also been ice-skating with his cousins and friends. There has been a fair amount of Fifa played on the x-box and you can see Aria and I built a wonderful Disney Castle. It is awesome and looks great.

Monday saw us celebrating Hogmanay at Robert’s sister’s house. It is also her husband’s birthday. We went down for a birthday dinner and cake, then stayed to bring in the bells. Robert has to do the first footing, going outside before the bells to bring in a bottle of whisky. It’s a Scottish tradition, although the coal is missing these days. “Lang may yer lum reek!” is the Hogmanay greeting which translates to “May you never be without fuel for your fire!” Hence the coal. It was a nice evening and we headed home around 1 am. The kids were still up and still up at 8 am.

New Years Day, we took a family photo of us all to wish everyone Happy New Year and I think it might be a new tradition. A way to start the year with us all in front of the camera. What do you think? We had homemade steak pie for dinner after lazy around watching tv. Another tradition, which I’m not sure if it is Scottish or not. Do you have steak pie on the 1st?  We also watched my Mum’s dog Oreo for a bit while she visited her Uncle for dinner. It was the first time we have dog sat for any length of time. A spot of shopping on the 2nd.

It should have been back to work for Robert and me on Thursday, but we both took the next two days off. Thursday was Robert’s birthday and we got him a Gluten Free birthday cake. It was pretty tasty. We went out for lunch and then Robert’s family came over for birthday dinner and some cake in the evening. We do see a lot of each other this time of the year. Lots of birthdays. Robert’s is the first in three of our January birthdays.

I also went to the doctors and got someone different. I felt listened too and now have a plan in which to get my health back on track. It made a difference to talk to the doctor and for her to really understand how I was feeling. I have a new concoction of medication and back in a few weeks to see how it is going. There are options with this and although it wasn’t quite the way I wanted it to go, I feel it is going in the right direction. Fingers crossed I might get a migraine free day in the near future. I also ordered some migraine glasses, so we will see how much like Willy Wonka I look when they arrive.

Friday, we had Robert’s Uncle’s funeral which went as well as these things go. The boys and Robert went to a football thing in the evening, while Aria and I watched a film. No big plans for the weekend, just clinging to the last few days of the holiday. I am not ready to get back to reality on Monday. What about you?

I haven’t made any resolutions this year, I felt my health has plagued things the later part of last year. This year I want to feel better, enjoy spending time with my family and get my novel finished to the best of my ability and see where I can take it. Have you made any resolutions or goals?

May this year give you the opportunity to follow your dreams, love like there is no tomorrow and smile unconditionally. Happy New Year from our family to yours!


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Merry Christmas, Festivities, Chilling And A Birthday Our Weekly Photos – Week 52 Sat, 29 Dec 2018 23:55:42 +0000 Merry Christmas

12th Birthday Boy

Christmas Festivities


So… all that work, build-up, excitement and anticipation is over for another year. And it was awesome. Merry Christmas to you all. How was your Christmas? We have had a lovely time and are enjoying that in-between limbo stage. When I left you last week, in our weekly post we were getting ready for Christmas and Lucas birthday.

The weekend was spent chilling, watching some Christmas films, cleaning the place ready for Christmas, getting food delivery and some last minute bits and pieces. Tyler was getting into the festive spirit with his photo in front of this gorgeous tree, not ours, it is way too co-ordinated, but pretty. Aria still wasn’t great with her throat, ear and eye infection, but was trying to get into the Christmas spirit. Sunday night, once we got the kids into bed, no easy task, we got Lucas birthday gifts, cards, balloons and banners out. All blown up and ready for the morning. I cannot believe my baby boy, the boy who made me a Mummy is 12. How on earth did that happen? You can read all about his birthday post and what he has got up to this year.

Happy birthday, Lucas. He does look pleased in his photo above. He loved his gifts, even if he did get quite a lot of clothes this year. His favourite gift was a boomerang, yes, a boomerang. There were also some remote control cars he loved and my Mum got him a card that covers council based activities like the gym and ice-skating, swimming, etc. Instead of going out Lucas wanted Fifa points, it was his birthday, after all, so Fifa points he got. It meant I could fit in a few more Christmas films and do some Christmas eve baking with Aria. The family all came over in the afternoon for the birthday dinner and cake. It is a lovely tradition and much fun and laughs were had and the white chocolate cake was eaten.

As soon as they left, the elves had delivered new PJs for the kids and a book to read. We put out our carrot, birthday cake and a drink for Santa and sprinkled our reindeer dust. It’s not the ideal Christmas eve, but it’s the balance between Lucas day and Christmas eve build up. Everyone sleeping, it’s time to make the Christmas magic happen and the birthday stuff disappear. Santa is pretty good at it. They’ve had 12 years of practice.

Merry Christmas from all of us in our picture above. Christmas morning is just the most magical day of the year. The lights, the wonder and amazement on the kid’s faces is worth it. We open gifts and then pretty much head over to Robert’s parent’s house for 9 am, yes 9 am. We meet Robert’s sister and her family there. We each take turns at opening gifts and then exchange ours. It’s a lovely tradition they have. Robert’s Dad makes breakfast and we all lie around stuffed before carting our gifts back home. Thankfully, we live a few minutes away.

The afternoon is spent finding new homes for gifts, playing and then my Mum comes over. More gifts and then at 6 pm we all head over to Robert’s parents for Christmas dinner. My Mum and partner come too. Along with Robert’s Aunt and cousin. There was 16 of us this year and thank goodness I don’t have to make it is all I can say. It’s a long day, but it is lovely. We got home around 1 am and the kids fell fast asleep.

Boxing day is a lazy day here. We eat what we want, build some toys, lie about and play with toys. It’s a good day after a few manic days. The rest of the week has been pretty chilled, film watching, more toy building, clearing out of clothes for new ones and just spending time as a family. It is just the best time. There is no work, no appointments or football training, it’s just us and it’s perfect. Aria has been colouring and we built a cardboard shop she got.  We did leave the house for some lunch one day and a spot of shopping. Lucas has gone to two of his gym induction days and seems to be enjoying that. The next week sees another two family birthday’s coming up. Robert’s brother in law on Hogmanay and Robert’s is next week too. We still have a week off here which we are looking forward too.

Are you enjoying the Christmas period? What have you been up to?  project-365-2017-badge

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Happy 12th Birthday To My Not So Little Christmas Eve Baby Mon, 24 Dec 2018 08:00:51 +0000 Happy Boy

I know I say this every year, but really, the years just seem to fly by once you become a Mum. The boy who made me a Mummy is 12 years old today. He didn’t have the easiest entrance into the world as I had pre-eclampsia and you can read all about his birth story, but from the minute he arrived, he was my world. This year I would say has been a huge one for him, probably a year filled with changes that were harder as a parent than those baby and toddler years, yes, this year we entered the world of high school. Boy, is that a huge learning curve, but Lucas has taken it all in his stride and we couldn’t be prouder.


The start of the year began with snow and we always like to have some fun in the snow. Lucas can struggle a bit with having asthma, but it doesn’t stop him taking part. He gained a lot more confidence this year and has been venturing a bit further afield to meet friends and play different sports. He loves sports and always tries his best, so it’s been good to see.


Football is still the main focus of Lucas life. Everything has been about football. He still plays for his Dad’s team, still gets the hardest time and still comes off that pitch with the biggest smile no matter the score. This year has seen the team finish up playing 7 a-side before the summer to playing 11 a-sides the second half of the year. This has been a huge learning curve for players, coaches and parents alike. They have done well and have won a few games. Yes, they’ve lost a fair few, but they are competitive and are coming on leaps and bounds as a team. Lucas has tried so hard this year to improve his game and up his speed. He is always at a disadvantage where he came to be almost a year younger than some of the teammates and opponents as he is only 8 days away from being able to play in the other age group in football age years. But, he is determined. He’s been doing one to one training, he’s been doing fitness training, speed training and he even got to his brother’s training for extra. There was a brief time he did goalkeeper training too. Every evening he is at training during the week and playing a match on a Sunday. He’s taken his fair share of blows through this year on the football front, which has resulted in many doubts and tears, but he’s turned it around. Here’s hoping his hard work pays off.


A footballer is still what you want to be when you grow up,  but I think he is now looking at something technical too. Whether it is IT following in your Robert and my footsteps or the technical side of music that he was so good at when at primary. Either way, we will do everything we can to guide and help and I know he will work hard.

Driving Lesson

A big thing this year was a driving lesson that Lucas did with Young Driver that we got him for his birthday last year. He loved it and was really good at it. I can see this being asked for again in the near future.

Residential Trip

Being in Primary 7, the last year of Primary school the first half of his year meant that it was filled with firsts and lasts. He went on his first ever residential trip with his classmates and a few other primary schools he’d be going to high school with. It was 3 days and two nights. It was the first time he has ever been away from home other than staying with family. There were lots of meltdowns and anxiety from him before he went. It was tough, but he went and loved the activities but didn’t like being away from home. I’m not sure he’ll be rushing back anytime soon. I have to admit I was glad when he was home.

Musical Theatre

Musical theatre and being head of digital was a huge thing for him at Primary and he got a bouquet of flowers along with the rest of the cast of Primary 7’s. He really did such a good job of doing the music, sounds, etc for every performance, church service, assembly, etc all year. Not sure flowers were his thing, but he did give them to me.


Robert is Lucas idol and favourite person in the whole world. It is really sweet. Here they both are when we went out for dinner. When it comes to feeling scared or worried, it’s me that gets shouted on, especially during the night which is still his time to chat, but his Dad is on a pedestal. It is good he still opens up to us and albeit a strange time when he melts down or chats, but it’s just Lucas.

Finishing School

Before the summer there were lots of high school visits and transition periods. It was all done well and Lucas was happy and ready to be moving on. This photo was taken on his last day of primary school and captured the moment perfectly. He’s enjoyed his time there, made lots of friends and learned more than we could have thought possible. He went on to be presented with a head teacher award for excellence in wider achievements and his house team won the house cup of which he was house leader. He was beyond chuffed. There was a tear in my eye.


He went on to be presented with a head teacher award for excellence in wider achievements and his house team won the house cup of which he was house leader. He was beyond chuffed. There was a tear in my eye. He also won two sports medals for the netball and football teams at school.

Leavers Meal

There was the leaver’s meal with a grown-up sit-down meal in a hotel with his whole class and teachers. This is when you realise he’s not a baby any more. Well, he’ll always be my baby, right?


One of our biggest highlights this year as a family was a trip to California in the summer to visit my Aunt and Uncle. We had the most amazing time. Lucas favourite part was fishing with my Uncle, brother and Dad on the Pacific ocean. He even caught the biggest fish out of all of them. Something he’d like to do again.

High School

It was a good summer and then it was time to start high school. Leaving very early in the morning to get a bus with his cousins and friends, it’s a much longer day. It’s been a big learning curve, but he’s enjoyed it so far, well mostly. Lots of different subjects and independence with the bus, buying lunches, travelling home, etc. His favourite subjects are science, but he’s enjoying tech for woodwork and made an awesome wooden car. He’s made a few things in Home Economics and been enjoying ICT. We’ve not had parents night yet, but his tracking reports are good, I am proud of how he has handled his time there so far.


Tyler and he are very close, they spend a lot of time together and I love to sit and listen to them chatting in their bunk beds of an evening. He’s very close to both his cousins and it helps to have them at school with him. He has a lot of friends from school and has made some new ones at high school. Football has helped a lot as there are a lot of kids on the team that are at school too.


It has been a good year for Lucas with lots of changes. There have been ups and downs, there have been meltdowns and tears,  there have been laughter and smiles. It has been a year of more highs than lows as it should be. He has taken everything on board and his grown within himself. He is enjoying the independence of going to school, the bus and the challenges of high school. He still has his own wee quirky ways and I wouldn’t change a thing. Lucas still loves to read and lives in his own wee bubble. He loves his Christmas Eve birthday and our birthday traditions with extended family.

Happy birthday, Lucas, I hope you have the best birthday and know how much you are loved and how proud we are of you.

The best thing about blogging is having all these memories recorded. Why not have a read about Lucas over the years his 11th birthday10th birthday,  9th birthday8th Birthday, 7th Birthday, 6th Birthday & 5th Birthday. I started blogging the month after his 4th birthday!

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Christmas Wonder, Visiting Santa And Christmas Parties Our Weekly Photos – Week 51 Sat, 22 Dec 2018 23:55:56 +0000 Christmas Wonder

Festive Fun

Christmas Night Out

Christmas Party

It’s almost Christmas, woo hoo. Isn’t it exciting? We have a birthday just before it too, so it’s double the celebrations. Are you ready for the big day? Since we spoke last week in weekly post I have been off work. My plan was to get organised, finish the shopping, wrap, write and post cards, etc. Throw in a few Hallmark Christmas movies, my week was planned. Well… it didn’t go quite to plan.

Last weekend was Robert and I work Christmas night out. With working together it means we were both there and I took the opportunity to get a rare photo of us both. We were at a wee restaurant close by work which was handy. Good food and it was a nice wee night. Robert’s parents watched the kids over night which made an extra nice wee break. We picked them up on the Sunday morning before we headed to meet some friends to go and see Santa Claus on the Falkirk Wheel. If you’ve not been there I’d recommend visiting, especially the Kelpies. The kids made some cookies before we went onto the Falkirk Wheel boats. You can see with the boys faces, even they had a good time. On board there was singing, dancing, elves mischief and meeting the big red and white man, known as Santa. Fabulous book gifts were given out and there were many smiles before we disembarked. We did a treasure hunt and us adults had some mulled wine before we headed for some dinner in the evening. I think Aria’s face all lit up, filled with Christmas wonder says it all. I just love that photo. And the face paint.

No work for me on Monday, but Aria and Tyler weren’t well and ended up both off school. There went my first day of plans to wrap and see what gifts I needed. Movies, snuggles and colouring in instead. Tuesday saw the kids feeling a little better so they went back to school and Tyler had his school Christmas party. I got stuck into the wrapping and listened to Christmas tunes.

Wednesday was Aria’s Christmas party at school. She looked very cute in her party dress. It’s such a hectic and busy time at school isn’t it? I did some shopping.

They don’t seem to have the same level of Christmas activities as they do Primary at High. School so they? This is my first year of high school experience and it’s very different. There has been Christmas jumper day and Golden ticket fun day. Thursday, I had a bunch of stuff to catch up on and wasn’t feeling great migraine wise. Plus, some work stuff and blog stuff. Lots of work calls and emails, next week I’m looking forward to them being shut. I didn’t quite finish it all, but I could only do what I could do. Thursday evening resulted in a screaming Aria with ear pain. She has an ear infection wee soul. She’s never had one before. It was heartbreaking to watch. She’s still not great, but on the mend thank goodness.

Friday was a bit of a washout. I had a poorly Aria on my knee. Tyler was off to school excited for the last day as was Lucas.

Now I’ve not sent a card, I’ll be doing e-cards this year. However, the gifts are done and Lucas birthday gifts are bought. I still can’t believe my Christmas Eve baby is going to be 12. My blog is behind, and lots of other bits, but I’ll get there. Onwards and upwards.

My plan is to go to my Dad’s graveside and visit to a few other family members gravesides today, Saturday and a visit to the wee old guy I visit, then chill until Lucas birthday celebrations.

What are your plans for weekend? I also wanted to wish you all a very Merry Christmas if I don’t speak to you before.


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Tiny Treasures Doll from Chad Valley – Review Thu, 20 Dec 2018 14:11:46 +0000 Tiny Treasures Doll

Aria absolutely adores dolls. She just loves nothing more than shushing them, feeding them, pushing them in a pram or just cuddling them. She’s got such a nurturing way with them and it’s adorable to watch. I thought we’d seen all the baby dolls until we came across Chad Valley Tiny Treasures doll. This doll is not like any other we have come across. And doesn’t she look beautiful?

Tiny Treasures Doll sitting

Isn’t she just the cutest. Upon taking her out the box, we were amazed at how life-like she felt and looked. Her skin feel soft, she has a hard head, but a soft body and the smell… wow she smells just like a newly-bathed newborn baby. You know, a mixture of new baby and talc. It’s delicious.

Tiny Treasures Doll Hair

I think might be the most realistic baby doll I’ve seen. The weight of the doll is around 2lbs 10oz and she feels like a real baby when you hold her in the crook of your arm. She has a wee squishy face and cute little eyes that open and close. Under that hat,  just look at that mop of hair. Aria loved that she could brush it. That was a big difference from other baby dolls and the hair feels silky. There is no cold bald head here.

Car Seat

The box the Chad Valley Tiny Treasures comes in is extremely sturdy, it is adorably decorated and not only that it doubles up as a pretend, doll car seat. How cool is that? It even comes with little straps to keep your Tiny Treasures doll safe.

ID and Birth Certificate

To add that newborn baby roleplaying fun that Tiny Treasures doll comes with it’s very own birth certificate and hospital bracelet for you to fill in. It really is a lovely extra.

The clothing is really well made and can be removed and put back on easily. With cute little pink dungarees, a white bodysuit and a cute pink hat. All comes apart with the velcro. There are additional outfits available to purchase.
Tiny Treasures Doll Sleeping

One of Aria’s favourite things about the Chad Valley Tiny Treasures doll is that she closes her eyes when she is lies down. There is something special and magical about it apparently, it means she’s actually sleeping. Aria felt like the best mummy to this little doll and sat watching her sleep. Isn’t she cute? She really is one of the most realistic dolls I’ve ever seen.

Tiny Treasures Doll Cute

Aria has named her gorgeous dolly Sophie. She adores her and I think if your little one loves dolls, they would love this one too. She’s great for all ages. Comes in a boy or a girl format and is adorable. The Chad Valley Tiny Treasures doll is well made has lovely little extras like the car seat box, birth certificate and smells just like a real baby, this is what sets her apart from the other dolls out there. With an RRP of £39.99, I think this is good value for a doll of this standard and it’s available now from Argos along with a host of accessories like a baby carrier, moses basket, etc. Check out Tiny Treasures on Facebook and Instagram.

We're going on an adventure

Disclaimer:- I was sent this doll for the purpose of this review, but all thoughts and opinions are my own. 

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Rainbow Sky, Panto, Christmas Tree and Nativity Our Weekly Photos – Week 50 Sat, 15 Dec 2018 23:55:44 +0000 Nativity



Rainbow Sky

Well, since we spoke last week in my weekly post I have been dipping my toe back into social media. It was nice, I’ve missed everyone. How have you been? Last weekend was a relatively quiet one, some Christmas movies, shopping, etc Saturday. On Sunday we had a football match for Robert and Lucas team. It was a 9 am kickoff and boy was it cold. By the time it was finished, I think it took the rest of the day to heat up. Christmas card writing was the task for today. Aria was loving writing them for her little school friends. Then back out to gymnastics in the evening. All in all, a nice, but not an exciting weekend.

Monday was school and work. Aria has been working hard on learning her lines for the nativity at the end of the week. We saw a beautiful sunrise in the morning. It is so dark when I drop Lucas off at the bus stop for school, it means that I sometimes get to see the sun come up. Isn’t the rainbow sky incredible? I couldn’t believe it. This made up for scraping the ice off the car. I think that helps with the pretty colours.

The weather is still very cold come Tuesday. Tyler was doing the music for the carol singers at the school at the library and hospice. He enjoyed being at both and meeting some of the people in the hospice too. There were lots of questions when he got home. Football training is still on this week, but it’s been tough with the weather.

Wednesday, I did school hours at work so I could pick up the kids from school so we could go and see a Panto. We were invited to the opening night of Cinderella at the SEC in Glasgow. It’d been years since I’d seen a Panto. The kids go every year to a local one with the school, but it was lovely to go to a big Panto in the city. The Krankies were the stars and it was very funny, if not a bit aimed at the adult audience at times. Aria loved all the singing and there were a few The Greatest Showman tunes used, so she was found dancing in her seat. The boys thought wee Jimmy Krankie was hilarious. We all had a great night and will definitely be going again. If you get a chance, go see it especially with tweens, teens and adults. As you can see in the photos above, it was a good night. A bit of a late night, however, on a school night.

It was school and work on Thursday with Aria doing her dress rehearsal for the nativity.  Tyler got to watch it and said it was fab. It was my last day of work for a few weeks which is good, but it was a super busy day. I am looking forward to the break and don’t go back until the kids go back after the Christmas holidays. I know there will still be a few emails and calls from work, but that’s not so bad. I really need the time to actually get some Christmas organisation, gifts and birthday organisation done.

Friday morning arrived and Aria was super excited. We headed to school to watch the highlight of the festive calendar, the school Nativity. Aria was a Wiseman and she was brilliant. She said all her lines loud and clear and sung her little heart out. We were so proud. It has shown how much she has come on this last year. All the kids did brilliantly. And the staff of course.

The afternoon Robert and I went to the shopping centre. I went to get my eyes tested just to find out if they could be the eyesight issues and light sensitivity I have been experiencing with the migraines. Unfortunately, they aren’t. But, it’s good to rule it out. Sunglasses for a little while longer. We did fit in a late breakfast together before we picked the kids up from school. We have a bit of a busy weekend ahead with our work Christmas night out this evening, both Robert and I work together so we get to go to our work night out together. Robert’s mum and dad are watching the kids for us, so that’s good. We also have a football match super early tomorrow morning, if it’s not called off with the amber weather warning. Then, we have a trip to see Santa. Do you have any fun Christmas plans for this weekend?



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Christmas Gift Crafts For Kids Thu, 13 Dec 2018 11:01:59 +0000 Christmas Gift Crafts for Kids Blog

I think there is something special about a homemade gift. The thought, the effort and the act that has gone into making a gift for someone make it extra special. The kids and I have come up with a few gifts we made that we can give to someone this Christmas for this month’s Tots 100 #BostickBlogger craft. Let me know what you think of them. 

Christmas Gift Crafts For Kids – Book Snowman

Book Snowman Christmas Gift Craft Items

What you’ll need:-

  • Bostik White Glu or Bostike Glu Dots
  • Buttons
  • Craft Knife
  • Pen
  • Book
  • Ribbon

Draw the snowman shape

Step 1

Draw a snowman shape on the book. We did a three-ball snowman.

Start to cut out the snowman shape

Step 2

Start to cut out the snowman shape in the book layer by layer using the craft knife.


Step 3

Remove the pages so you can keep making the snowman.

Continue to cut book

Step 4

Continue to cut the snowman down.

Keep cutting

Step 5

Keep cutting and remove the excess paper.

Taking Shape

Step 6

It should start to take shape like this.

Remove Cover

Step 7

Keep cutting until the pages are all cut, then remove the cover.

Fan out

Step 8

Fan out the book so it isn’t all clumped together.

Snowman Body

Step 9

Your snowman body will look like this.

Add Scarf

Step 10

Once we have our snowman, we want to add some accessories. First up a scarf.

Tie on scarf

Step 11

Tie the scarf around his neck.

Cut out shapes to stick

Step 12

Cut out shapes to make a hat. Add Bostik Glu dots to hold that hat together and to the snowman.

Add hat

Step 13

The hat should be stuck onto the book.

Add eyes

Step 14

Stick on buttons for the eyes.


Step 15

Stick on buttons to the body of the snowman.

Create nose

Step 16

We made a carrot shaped nose for the snowman to stick on.

Stick on nose

Step 17

Stick them all on ready to go.

Snowman Book Christmas Gift Craft

Step 18

Here is our completed Snowman Book Christmas Craft. What do you think?

Christmas Decoration Crafts For Kids – Twine Christmas Tree

Twine Christmas Tree Christmas Gift Craft Items

What you’ll need:-

  • Twine. We used green sparkly twine.
  • Bostik White Glu
  • Decorations
  • Cardboard
  • Cling film
  • Scissors
  • Sellotape

Cut out cone shape

Step 1

Using a piece of cardboard, cut so that it can be rolled into a cone.

Create cone for the tree

Step 2

Make a cone shape and sellotape.

Cover with cling film

Step 3

Cover with cling film.

Ready to wrap

Step 4

Add a few layers so it doesn’t stick.

Get Glue to make the paste

Step 5

Get glue to make a paste.

Mix glue with water

Step 6

Mix the glue with one part water and stir.

Dip in the twine

Step 7

Dip the twine into the glue to get ready to wrap.

Wrap the twine around the cone

Step 8

Wrap the twine around the cling film covered cone. Making it up until it’s a Christmas tree.

Remove Cling film

Step 9

Let it dry for 24 hours and remove the cling film and cardboard cone. Or you can leave it in to be a little more stable.

Twine Tree

Step 10 

We decided to leave ours in and think it looks ok.

Add decorations

Step 11

Use Bostik Glu Dots to add on any decorations you want to add to your twine tree.

Stick on Decorations

Step 12

Stick on whatever decoration you’d like to decorate the tree with.

Twine Christmas Tree Christmas Gift Craft

Step 13

Twine Christmas Tree Christmas Gift Craft. I think this would look great with a battery tea light underneath it too.

Christmas Decoration Crafts For Kids – Scandinavian Gnome 

Scandinavian Gnome Christmas Gift Craft Items

What You’ll Need:- 

  • Bostik Glu Dots
  • Elastic Band
  • White Cardboard
  • Material
  • Felt
  • Rice
  • Stuffing
  • Material or something for a nose

Cut out the body of the gnome

Step 1

We found it held better as a square rather than a circle when cutting out.


Step 2

Add in some rice to weigh down the gnome.


Step 3

Add some stuffing on top of the rice to pad our your gnome body.

Make the body

Step 4

Gather the body together before you tie.

Tie the body

Step 5 

We used an elastic band to tie and trim off the excess.

Cut out a nose

Step 6

We used some white felt for the nose and added a little bit of stuffing inside.

Stick on the nose

Step 7

Add on the nose using Bostik Glu Dots or a Glue Gun if you want it super secure.

Cut the shape for the hat

Step 8

Get some cardboard to cut out the hat.

Cut out cone shape for hat

Step 9

Cut out the shape to make a cone shape.

Cut a circle for the base

Step 10

Stick it to a cone shape and then cut out the base of the hat.

Stick together

Step 11

Stick together using Bostik Glu Dots.

Wrap in

Step 12

Cover the cone hat with felt.

Add the hat

Step 13

Add the hat to the body of the gnome.

Cut fur fabric

Step 14

Cut some fur fabric to make a beard.

Add the beard

Step 15

Add your beard and there you have a Scandinavian Gnome. I absolutely love these.

Additional Gnome

Step 16

They can be made all differently. They are simple and look cute. We think the Scandinavian Gnomes would make a fantastic gift this Christmas.

Pin for later. 

Christmas Gift Crafts for Kids

What do you think of our Christmas Gift crafts, we’d love to know if you make any of them. Send us photos and tweet us how you get on.

Disclaimer:- We were sent a box of craft materials from Craft Merrily as part of being a Tots100 #BostikBlogger

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Musical Theatre, Woodwork, Migraines And Cousins Our Weekly Photos – Week 49 Sat, 08 Dec 2018 23:55:31 +0000 Musical TheatreCousins




Since I left you with last week’s weekly post I have been having a break from Twitter, Instagram, etc in the hope that I would have fewer headaches and not have to keep saying I’m not any better. I usually try to be a very upbeat person and mainly want to help others rather than talk about myself, so I don’t like when I have to say to people I still feel crap, basically. I wish I could say yes I feel better,  but I don’t and I’m such a bad liar. So, I’m just avoiding the question altogether, even if that makes me sound crazy. The migraines are still hanging in there with a vengeance and it’s dunted my mental health,  but I will bounce back. I’m trying everything I can think of to help and even all those crazy suggestions too. That’s where I am. Normal service will resume shortly, just bear with me.

It means that this week’s pictures aren’t great, but they are our memories just the same. It’s a busy time of year as you know, especially with things at school. Last weekend we had quite a quiet one, I got a really bad migraine on Friday and have been wearing sunglasses ever since, even in the rain. I look mental, but they help. So, last weekend I watched lots of cheesy Christmas movies, you know the ones with boy meets girl, falls in love, kisses and lives happily ever after. The kids played, we did some crafts, Xbox Fifa was played and we put up the Christmas tree and decorations which was nice.

Back to work on Monday,  with my sunglasses, the kids were all at school. Tyler has been busy with musical theatre after school as it was their show on Wednesday so he was very late finishing school. Tuesday was Robert’s sister’s birthday so we went down to her house after work and had birthday dinner and cake. Robert’s family are very close and it’s a tradition to do this for each person’s birthday or a celebratory day like Easter, Mother’s Day, etc. The kids are also very close so they love it. Aria was extra lucky where she got a whole load of her big cousin’s Build a Bear clothes and wardrobe for her bears at home. As you can see in the photo above she was delighted. The perks of being the youngest in the family. Isn’t that sweet? She really has been having such a great time and what great big cousins she has.

Wednesday was the Musical Theatre performance at school and we went to the later showing. It was a great show, the kids performed well. Tyler has taken on the role of Digital Leader where he is head of technical and does the music and mics for the shows. He was a wee star and although he big shoes to fill when his big brother left the role at the summer, he has lived up to it and everyone is so proud of him.

Poor wee Aria has had sore legs this week, not sure what is going on, growing pains, maybe? Not sure if that is a real thing, but she’s been in tears. Hoping that eases off for her. And Tyler has had a bit of a sore throat, it’s starting to ease off, but hoping he gets some rest at the weekend.

Lucas made the wooden racing car above in Woodwork at high shool. Fab isn’t it? I think he’s done and great job and he was really pleased. It’s great to see the little things that they are doing in high school that are different from what they did at Primary. He also got his tracking report to let us know how he is getting on, all good so far.

This weekend looks to be filled with Robert and Lucas going to see Wrestling this evening, Friday and there is a football match for Lucas and Robert’s team on Sunday I am not really looking forward to, but hopefully, it all goes well. Not sure what else we have in store. What do you have planned?


Sunday Snap
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Baking Cupcakes, Santa, Dog And Football Our Weekly Photos – Week 48 Sat, 01 Dec 2018 23:55:53 +0000 Football



Baking Cakes

It’s been a busy week here, how has your week been? Last weekend I left you with last week’s weekly post where we had a busy weekend too. Saturday Aria had a party for a school friend which she really enjoyed. It was nice to watch her play with her friends and really join in. She’s grown a lot in confidence this last year. She may be one of the youngest in her class, but it hasn’t stopped her. The boys helped their Dad install a new light for their Grandparents while we were away. I was supposed to be at my writing group, but we did a remote one this month. Everyone has a lot at this time of year. We had a neighbours child round for a bit in the evening to give them a bit of a break, she’s always calm here and enjoys playing with Aria.

Sunday it was a football match for Lucas. Tyler came with me was as always dressed for the occasion.  He’s always dribbling a ball at his feet as you can see in the photo. This really captures him. Aria stayed with my mum and Oreo. I did get a quick snap of Oreo before we left. He’s not really got bigger, so I think that’s about him now. I even captured him and Twilight giving each other a kiss. We watched the Netflix Christmas film, The Santa Chronicles which was really good. We all enjoyed it. A lovely way to start the festive films. Have you watched it? Gymnastics for Aria in the evening.

The weather has been cold and very wet this week, no pretty skies and so much rain. Monday, was work and school for us, football training in the evening. Nothing exciting. Tuesday, I finished work early to do the school run and help set up some stuff for the school Christmas fayre the next day. Aria and I made some cupcakes for the school fayre. She loves licking the spoon, who doesn’t. It is the best bit isn’t it? It Wednesday was a bit of am up and down day, in the evening I headed from work straight to school to help at the fayre. It was really busy and seemed to be a huge success. The kids sung at the start, there was lots of biz and buzz and Santa even arrived. Isn’t he the best Santa? Aria went to see Santa and even spoke to him which is a first. I didn’t get a nice photo of her sitting with him, but this was a huge moment and it was lovely. Lucas came to help too which was nice of him. Football training was cancelled due to the weather so that helped.

Thursday I was knackered as it was late by the time we got in from school after tidying up. It was a bit different at work on Thursday as we had a pizza lunch and handed in our secret Santa gifts due to a work colleague going to Australia for a month. Lucky him. He got to take his secret Santa gift with him. Friday was another wet day and busy trying to catch up, I’m so behind with the blog as I’ve been struggling with extra laptop time.

Football has been cancelled this weekend due to the weather which is a shame but gives Robert a well-deserved rest. On the NaNoWriMo front, I didn’t get my 50,000 words, anywhere near, but I did get some done, so it’s better than none isn’t it?

This weekend we plan to put the Christmas tree up, watch some Christmas films and shift a migraine. What about you?


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