Nintendo 2DS Review

Both my boys have the Nintendo DS Lite and this year with my oldest Lucas turning 7 on Christmas eve he asked for a Nintendo 3DS. The recommendations for the the 3DS is that the 3D mode should not be used by children under 7. Since Lucas turns 7, we thought this would make a great gift for him. I’m sure you all know about the 3DS, but do you know about the Nintendo 2DS?
I didn’t know much about it, other than I’ve seen it on adverts a few times. I wasn’t sure what the difference was or what it did. When we were sent a Nintendo 2DS and a copy of Animal Crossing we had lots of fun finding out exactly what it did.
Nintendo 2DS

The 2DS looks vastly different to the others I’ve seen before, for a start it doesn’t fold. It’s flat. It’s about the same size as the 3DS when folded out, maybe a little smaller, but there isn’t much in it. The controls, buttons joystick type buttons are all the same, albeit in a slightly different play with it being a different shape. 
Tyler was the main one who tested this out for me, he’s 4 coming up for 5. He loved the 2DS and found it easy to use. We downloaded Animal Crossing and Tyler enjoyed playing the game and the interaction with the animals.
Playing the Nintendo 2DS
I love the fact that I can download games direct from the Internet and store them on the DS straight away rather than having to buy it online or instore and risk the cartridge getting lost. There is also an expansion slot for increased space. Setting the 2DS up on wifi couldn’t have been simpler, it just worked once you put your details in. There was no error, it just worked straight away. 
There are some other games and apps that come pre-installed on the console which are fun, like that photo app. Tyler had lots of fun taking pictures of himself and others and messing about with them. 
Nintendo 2DS Photo Taking
Another great feature I love is the fact that I can play the 3DS games I’ve purchased for Lucas’ 3DS in the 2DS, no need to buy duplicate games. Tyler loves the 2DS, it’s simple and easy for him to use, yet sturdy for any knocks or bumps that little kids tend to give the pieces of equipment. He liked the joystick manoeuvre as well as the buttons. Tyler loved the Face Raiders game you could use with the picture and although he’s a Mario fan through and through he did love Animal Crossing.

Tyler has asked for a 2DS for his 5th birthday in January and I think it’s perfect for him. The prices vary, especially with Christmas around the corner so shop around, but for what you get at that price I think it’s excellent. This would make a great Christmas present for anyone 4 and over, there is an endless supply of games and downloading them is slightly cheaper I found. It doesn’t have the 3D function, but has a lot of the other functions that the 3DS has. All in all, I wasn’t sure what to make of this console at first as I knew nothing about it, but we all fell in love with it, especially Tyler. It looks great, sturdy and lots of fun.

Is this on you little ones Christmas list?

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