Funny Things My Children Say – 36

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I haven’t joined in, in a while, with one thing and another. I have been taking note of the little gems my two little princes say. Here’s a little collection:-

I was waiting in the car with the boys while daddy went to pick up my parcel from the post office when Tyler said to Lucas:-

“Watch out for a man with a bin, he costs you lots of money like £1000 or something and if not got it you go to jail.”

He was talking about traffic wardens.

Lucas:- “There used to be blue dinosaurs didn’t there?”

Me:- “I don’t know, maybe.”
Lucas:- “Were dinosaurs about when you were young?”
Me:- Almost chokes… “No there wasn’t.”
Lucas:- “When Grandpa was young?”
Me:- “No.”
Lucas:- “Papa Billy?”
Me:- “No.”
Lucas:- “Jesus?”
Me:- “No, dinosaurs were about before people were born.”

Lucas:- “God made all the people.”
Me:- “How did he make them?”
Lucas:- “By using chocolate.”

Lucas and Tyler were talking about jobs and I over heard this and thought it was sweet.

“Mummy has three jobs.”
” And looking after the children.”
Me:- “Would you like potatoes for dinner?”
Tyler:- “No I don’t like potatoes.”
Me:- “You know chips are potatoes, right?”
Tyler:- “Yes.”
Me:- “You know crisps are made from potatoes?”
Tyler:- “No they are not.”
Me:- “What are they made from then?”
Tyler:- “Wood.”

Aria got a hold of the remote control for the television:-

Tyler:- “Look mummy, Aria has turned the channel to buzzy bees.”
Tyler:- “Mummy, Aria is eating Captain Hook’s boat. She’ll get splinters.”

Has your child said anything funny this week?

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