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Disney Live
Last month we went to see Disney Live! Mickey’s Rockin’ Road Show and we LOVED it. The boys loved it, I loved it, baby girl loved it and even granny loved it. We all had the most amazing time and it made me love Disney even more, the really now how to do things, don’t they?
Watching Disney Live

As you can see in the photos above we absolutely loved it. We sat waiting for the show to start and read the program, which yes it was £7, but it was huge, bright colourful and made a great keepsake. Plus keeping the boys occupied until the show started with it’s puzzles. 
Disney brought all their famous and favourite characters to live on Stage, where they sang and danced and jumped around. All the main characters were there from Donald, Minnie, Goofy and of course Mickey but where was Pluto? We told the boys he was missing as he was a dog and couldn’t talk. Yes that caused other questions, but I thought it was good at the time. Also making an appearance in the show were the gorgeous and elegant Cinderella, her Ugly Sisters and the fun Buzz Lightyear, Woody, Bullseye and Jessie. 
The show was about Mickey and his friends on a road trip to find contestants for their talent show. There was a lot of fun, hilarity and mishaps along the way. A lot of fun which children of all ages enjoyed. The main star of the show I felt was the host, he was so enthusiastic and had the crowd up, dancing and cheering. The end was spectacular with the children all down the front of the stage being covered in ticker tape. 
Mickeys Rockin Road Show
The boys danced in the aisles and Aria jumped up and down on my lap. She smiled the whole time, until she fell fast asleep in my arms. She loved it. Tyler was so excited to see the characters. He loved the music and could not sit still, he was singing and dancing the whole time. 
A truly magical and wonderful show, thank you Disney for the memories both my children and I shared. We are still singing the songs from the show. Love it. 
Disney Live! Mickeys Rockin Road Show

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