Review – Fisher Price Finding Nemo Play Gym

One of the best items I think you can buy for a baby is a playmat. I am loving the Fisher Price Finding Nemo Play Gym. It is safe, fun and baby’s love them. Even better when they play a tune, look bright, colourful and have toys dangling to entice movement. 
Aria loved it the minute she was put on it and spends hours rolling about, whacking the toys and looking in the mirror. When she kicks the turtle at the bottom it plays a tune and lights up the fish above her. 
I set up the mat within 5 minutes, it comes flat packed and requires 3 clicks, then the toys added. Not forgetting 4 AA batteries, but Aria has used this every day for over a month and kicks her legs A LOT and we have not had to replace the batteries yet. 

Look how gorgeous this mat is? It looks fab and so much fun, if only I was small enough. Aria loves it as you can see from the pictures. 
 Fisher Price Finding Nemo Play Gym
It features many characters from Finding Nemo, there is a large Dory mirror, great for little girls posing in, Sheldon has clackers, which Aria hasn’t quite mastered but loves hitting them, a Pearl rattle, a Tad teether, which is great for my little teething princess and Nemo is at the top with a ball which makes a noise. The toys are well placed for easy reach for a 5 month old. The music settings are 20 minutes play of music or 10-15 seconds when kicked.
This really is one of the best play gym’s I have seen and definitely the best one we have had and Aria being my third baby we have tried a few. It’s compatible and easily stored and looks great. I really do love this. The material is great as any little milk spills can be wiped off easily. At the RRP of £64.99 it is a bit expensive but I think it is excellent and if you are planning on using it for more than one baby it would be great again and again. Also good for both boys and girls. This will be available from July in Argos, and keep an eye out here for it. 
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