When The Sun Put His Hat On

Last weekend the sun finally broke through those dark, dank grey clouds and put his hat on. Yes, we sand hip hip hip hooray. Out came the sun cream, the sun hats, nail polish on the toes and legs. We were all set for a walk to the park. 
Daisy Chain

We made daisy chains, played pooh sticks, took pictures of the ducks and followed the sticks in the water. We used buttercups to see if we liked butter. Who came up with that strange thing? I was compelled to pass that useless piece of info onto my children, as it had been passed to me as a child.

The boys climbed trees. The very one their dad climbed as a boy, he was so chuffed it was still there and the boys were a bit reluctant at first, but loved it. Especially Tyler. He’s got a lot less fear than Lucas. We found some unusual shaped trees and looked at the different wild flowers and different types of plants growing around us. And found some feathers. 
Climbing Trees
Tyler took his scooter down to the park and scooted about while daddy and Lucas tried to teach Lucas to ride his bike without stabilisers. 
Bike without stablisers
He did great, not quite there yet, but it’s a start and he did got for short bursts on his own. The boys then played some football with their dad and I took a few penalties against them as well. 
While they were playing football I pushed Aria around in her stroller and took in the sights, it’s amazing how many people come out when the sun puts his hat on and comes out to play. There were people walking their dogs, an old couple walking hand in hand, a few mums pushing their babies in their prams, dads and sons playing football, tweens playing football together, some teenagers sunbathing, yes even in Scotland and some playing some pitch and putt.

Stokke Xplory in the Sun
I watched the clouds roll by and watched all my children and husband have fun in the sun. It was a lovely day, a magical day and one memories are made of. 

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