The Gallery 147 – Green

This week’s Gallery Prompt at from the lovely Tara over at Sticky Fingers is Green. 
This may seen like an odd topic for this week’s prompt, but it’s an appropriate one for me and for week so please bear with me. Yesterday my baby boy Tyler graduated from nursery. For the last year a few months Tyler has been in the Green team at nursery, his brother was in the Green team too and both had the same nursery teacher. Will it become third time’s a charm for Aria? Hence my reason for using the Green theme. 
Tyler on his first day at nursery telling me about how nervous but excited about going to nursery. 
Three Year Old
Look how young my little three year old looks. He’s came on leaps and bounds, from a boy who wouldn’t join in with song time and music time to the one standing up on stage with his friends singing his little heart out. He still doesn’t like being centre of attention when it comes to games, etc but he’s made loads of friends and knows everything about everyone. We met several of his friends on his nursery trip, he had a great time with them at the farm park, we went on the tractor, saw lots of animals and petting some baby ones, plus played in the park. He spends a lot of time chatting to his nursery teacher and adores her and she does him. She’s really going to miss him and we will be back to see her after the Summer when he’s in his Primary school uniform.

What a year it’s been for him, he can now write his name, add three numbers together, it’s incredible everything he knows. He picks a lot up from his big brothers home work. He also became cheeky and argumentative with it, but that’s part of him, he’s also sensitive, sweet, caring and loves to make you laugh. He’s so lovable and is the best big brother to his little sister, a step he took in his stride. He is incredible with her. 
Tyler has been going to school once a month for story time, he’s been there for some other days doing things at the school and his induction time. He’s well and truly ready to go, he’s met his teacher and although he doesn’t want to leave nursery he’s ready to start school. Here he is enjoying sports day at the school he’s going to after the Summer. 
Sports Day
Tyler wouldn’t get up to collect his folder, he was too shy with everyone watching and clapping, so his nursery teacher brought it to him. Isn’t he proud?
Nursery Graduate
My little Green team member and his nursery teacher. 
Nursery Teacher
My little nursery school graduate with his Graduate Teddy, which I hope one day he will be swapping for a University Graduate Teddy bear. 
Graduation Bear
I’m so proud of Tyler, he’s grown into a confident little boy, who has his moments of shyness, but is a wonderful little boy and I cannot wait to see how much he comes on at Primary school. There is a twinge of sadness in that he is growing up far to fast, but I’m excited for the next stage in his life. Love you baby boy. 
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