Introducing Daniel Footwear

Daniel Footwear

Of course I’m a girl and I love shoes. I don’t have hundreds of them, but I have a carefully chosen selection and I know what I like. When I came across Daniel Footwear I couldn’t help but drool over their selection of shoes. I didn’t just have to drool however, as their prices are very reasonable and they have great sales on. For designer footwear at affordable prices, this is where I’m shopping.


Daniel Footwear isn’t just an award winning online shop, they are an independent retailer with over 30 stores, in 25 different cities in the UK. The sell a vast range of products from Women’s shoes, Men’s shoes, Children’s shoes, but also some cute handbags, scarfs and some clothes. Their designer range covers Ugg, Juicy Couture, Vivienne Westwood, Melissa and many more I’ve yet to discover.

My taste in footwear has changed over the years. When I was in my late teens, early twenties fashion over comfort was always the case and I liked my clothing and footwear to be a little different. These would have been my footwear of choice for a night out clubbing. Gorgeous aren’t they?

Gorgeous Shoes
I don’t go anywhere really that would benefit these shoes, these type of shoes need to be seen. These aren’t a type of shoe you’d wear doing the school run. Nowadays I’m mainly seen wearing boots, either knee length, calf or ankle like the ones above. If I’m going out someone nice I’d tend to go for a court style shoe. Like these ones. 
Court Shoes
I can still drool over the gorgeous blue ones though. They could be my shoe of choice for the MADS blog awards. 
The men’s shoes are great and definitely something my husband would wear. However, when I came across the children’s section my heart left a little. I thought I know have a baby girl, she can wear all these adorable little shoes. My bank balance wept. But how could you not resist these little Vivienne Westwood numbers.
Vivienne Westwood Childrens Shoes
And these little Melissa Mini shoes. 
Melissa Mini
There is also a huge selection of Ugg Boots for children. I cannot wait for my little princess to be big enough to wear some of these. In the meantime, mummy gets to have all the fun. 

Anyone reading this post and is stuck for a gift for me for my birthday or even Christmas, Daniel Footwear do gift certificates. Hint Hint.

A big thank you to Daniel Footwear for helping me get to Cybher blogging conference with my baby girl as they are giving me some money towards the cost of accommodation. So I am going to the Cybher ball. See you there.

What do you think of the shoes? Cute aren’t they? Are you going to Cybher?

Disclaimer:- Daniel Footwear are paying a contribution towards my hotel accommodation for the Cybher blogging event. They have not asked me to do this post and have not paid me to do so. My words and opinions are my own.
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