Baby Products I Love

After having a baby there are so many things that you didn’t think about out before the baby was born. Here is a list of things that I needed or wanted or just loved.

Baby Bjorn Carrier
A baby carrier is a fantastic product, especially if you have more than one child. You can carry the baby out and about or even in the house and still have your hands  free. It helps with bonding and give the child a sense of closeness. Even better you don’t have to worry about getting a pushchair out and about in tight or busy spaces. We love the BabyBjörn Baby Carrier Miracle, it has great support for your back and shoulders. It’s easy to use and comfortable. I have used this for the school run when jumping in and out of the car, it’s so easy and quick to put on, you can do it yourself. Some I’ve tried need two people, but this is great. My husband loves to wear this carrier, it gives him a bond with Aria and she loves being carried. The colours are neutral, so men don’t feel self conscious. It’s perfect for daddies. The carrier can be rear or front facing as they get older. An excellent carrier for bonding and practicalities. It can be used from birth until approx. 18 months around 26lbs. The RRP is £114.99, but for the good support, ease of use and comfortably I think it’s worth every penny. It’s a product that’s used again and again.
Gro Bags
For me the hardest part of being a mother is putting the baby down to sleep at night, especially as a newborn. I don’t know about you but I’ve spent many hours just watching their chests move up and down to make sure they are breathing and I’ve even touched their faces to make sure they move. To ease my worry of sleeping I have always used Gro Bags there are imitations out there but I feel none are as safe as the ones from Gro themselves. They have the poppers underneath the arms, they have poppers on the shoulders and even a zip cover so it doesn’t scratch them. Best of all they keep baby’s warm and snug without worrying about covers going on their head. They also look great too. Gro Sleeping bags are suitable for 8 1/2lbs. I love these and have never used anything else on all three of my children. There is a 2.5 tog for the colder months and a 1.0 tog for the summer months. Not that latter that often in Scotland.
If your baby is under 8 1/2lbs there is the option of Gro Swaddling bags. Both my boys loved swaddling, and I used these for them. I had some for Aria when she was born thinking she’d be the same, but she hated swaddling. She’d spend hours trying to escape. I do love the swaddling bags from Gro, they stop the baby’s arms wriggling free and I can sleep without worrying about the blankets even the cellular ones ending on their heads. If your baby loves swaddling these are a must. There is a lot of information about reducing the risk of cot death on their site if you have any concerns or want further information. I would recommend all parents to familiarise themselves with this information.

Having had two boys, their clothes are cute, but after a while they are pretty much the same. However, Their Nibs London have some different, unusual and cool clothes for boys. Having a baby girl now the clothing options are adorable, cute and vast. I love the gorgeous Vintage items, that make girls look like little girls, not like mini adults. The items are unusual, well made and they use Bespoke prints. I have a little all in one outfit for Aria, she’s still a little small for it, but it will be perfect for the summer. I love all in one outfits for baby’s, they are easy and comfortable. Plus Their Nibs clothing looks amazing. The fabric is so soft and they look sweet and girly. Just perfect.

Pram Shoes

I have also the most adorable little Floral Cord Pram shoes from Baby Coco Bella. They are so well made, soft and adorable Aria’s feet are still a little small for them, but I cannot wait for her to wear them. She loves her feet all warm and these will do the job. There are some adorable items at Baby Coco Bella, not everyday wear but definitely something for a special occasion and not too badly priced either. The pram shoes are only £10. They do some unusual dresses for little princesses, if you are looking for that special outfit have a look here.

Rock the Cradle

I’m very lucky that Aria has the most perfect skin, really, I wish I had it, it’s incredible. I want to keep it that way. Having used numerous products with the boys, I’ve always found that natural, organic and non perfumed products are the best ones to use. Aria is starting to get some cradle cap so I have been using Rock the Cradle Organic oil from Organic Monkey. It’s wonderful, non greasy on what little hair she has and it seems delightful. I really like the Organic Monkey range and have bought the Bumfluff nappy cream for when the inevitable time comes and she has a little red tosh. They smell great, look great and are great for baby’s skin.


Many of my readers will know how much I love books. Children are never to young to be read to. When I heard that they had made The Classics into baby books I knew I had to get them for Aria. Of course being a big vampire fan Dracula was my first choice, she also has A Christmas Carol. The books are a little different, the Dracula one has the characters and imagery based on the classic tale, but the story is about counting, 8 headstones, etc. A Christmas Carol is the same but is all about colours. They are fab and something a little different than the animal flap books. They are well made, colourful and interesting. There are produced by PGUK and there are many classic books available.
Ewan the Dream Sheep
Aria is a great sleeper, now. Having two young boys in the house, it’s not exactly quiet. Aria used to sleep great during the day when I would have thought it would have been too noisy to sleep. When it would come to nighttime and the boys were asleep, she was restless and would wake up at any little sound. I tried some white noise using an app on my phone and it worked instantly, like waving a magic wand, it was amazing. I’d heard about how good Ewan the Dream sheep  was from Twitter and decided to give it a go. It’s incredible. Aria is now an wonderful sleeper and if she wakes up unsettled I put on Ewan and back to sleep she goes. Ewan has 4 different sounds from womb noise to lullaby’s. It plays for 20 minutes then shuts off. You just press his little leg and off he goes. There is also a soft glow light built into his belly. I haven’t used this yet but it’s good to know it’s there. Ewan the Dream sheep has made a massive difference to our sleep, I thank you Ewan.

AquaintI wasn’t sure about this product at first but it’s proved to be really useful in situations. It’s a product called Aquaint. It’s a 100% natural cleansing water. It is alcohol free which surprised me and has no scent or taste whatsoever, however it claims to eliminate 99.9% of bacteria. I have used it on toys that the baby puts in her mouth. Used it on public changing tables, used it to clean her hands and mine. It has an endless amount of uses. It is safe to use on anything that the baby puts in her mouth. At only £2.99 for a travel size bottle, it’s something I will be keeping in my baby bag. Only problem is it’s only available at selected online stores like the NCT shop. However it will be available in some stores throughout this year.

I have separate posts for my big items that I love like the cot, stroller, etc. What baby products do you love that I need to get?

Disclaimer:- I was sent some of the above items as stated in the post, others I have purchased myself. I’ve not been paid further for mentioning any of these products in this post. All words and opinions are my own and the links have been included out of courtesy.
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