Baby Girl Diaries – Weeks 7 – 12

I know I’m a little behind on these, but well you know what it’s like, never enough hours in a day when you have children, never mind a little baby too. I can’t believe my little princess has been here for over 12 weeks now, she comes on everyday and amazes me everyday. The love she and her brothers share for each other never fails to make my heart swell. 
Baby Girl

Aria has settled in to our little life well. She is sleeping through the night which is great. If only her oldest brother would do me the same courtesy I’d be laughing. She sleeps downstairs with us in the evening because she was being so sick after her milk. She has been bringing up a lot of her bottle. She has been given Gaviscon to help with reflux and I have been giving her Infacol. It’s made a bit of a difference but she was still very sick. I spoke to the health visitor and doctors about changing formula, but they weren’t much help. I decided to research it myself. I tried Aptamil comfort but it didn’t work out. By the time Aria was 11 weeks she was putting on a decent amount of weight but I was having to change her 5 times plus a day because she was so sick with her milk. I was having to get changed and clean the floor it was so bad. The health visitor so it one day and couldn’t believe how much she was sick and still putting on weight. I eventually changed her milk to Cow and Gate Reflux and Regurgitation milk. I have done so much research into formula the Health Visitor said I should be a formula adviser. I won’t go into the ins and out of this milk, if you want to know more about give me a shout I’m happy to discuss everything I know. This milk has made a massive difference to Aria, she is no longer sick, she’s more content and I am happier. I did have a few worries that I was doing her harm as it is quite thick, but she’s doing great and I’m assured I’ve done the right thing. It was a big worry, but we are over this hurdle. 
Smiley baby
My health is still not great. I’ve had a few weeks of improvement, but generally I’ve been pretty much on constant antibiotics. I’m coping fine with things and just have to get on with it. It’s getting me down a little with the pain and the fact it’s not going away, but what else can I do but get on with my babies. 
As you can see in the picture above, Aria loves to be warm and snugly. She loves to have her little comfort teddies up at her face or on her face during the day to sleep. This terrifies me and I move them as soon as she’s sleeping. She loves anything soft around her head. Her hand to her nose. Thankfully at night she’s ok to sleep just with her comfort bear beside her and she sleeps in her sleeping bag. I can close my eyes without worry. We have learnt Ewan the Dream Sheep is the best thing we bought for helping her sleep, she settles instantly when it’s on. She only sleeps in her bear snowsuit when out and about, this is posing an issue with the warmer weather. Anyone know of a fleecy, soft summer snowsuit? She really is a little warm, soft, cosy, loving little girl.
7-12 week old
Many of my followers will know that I lost my Uncle of cancer recently, I was very close to him and he was like my dad since I lost him to the same cancer. He had been in hospital and hadn’t met Aria yet, but I took her up to see him a few days before he passed away and you can see how proud and happy he was in the picture. This is one memory I will forever treasure. 
You’ll see by her pictures that she is such a smiley little girl. Aria responds when you smile at her by giving a big beaming smile back. She is very tickley and loves to giggle. She is also starting to coo, which is the cutest thing ever and Tyler is loving talking back to her. I cannot believe how alert she is. She doesn’t sleep much during the day, she has about 4 20 minute naps but sleeps well at night so I can’t complain. Aria loves music and kicks her legs and throws her arms about as if trying to dance. She also seems to enjoy Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.
Aria loves to see her daddy when he comes in from work and always has a big smile for him. She loves watching the boys and loves when the talk to her. Her favourite thing to play with is her play mat, she loves to swat at the toys hanging, of which she has many. The boys keep hanging more and more toys on it. The love sharing their teddies with her, wonder how long that’ll last. I’m sure it’ll be a different story when she starts to take them. She hates the swing, she doesn’t seem to like it at all even with the music on, so we’ve put it away for now. 
Baby Girl 7 Weeks
Every morning I look into her moses basket and she gives me the biggest smile and it melts my heart. I still cannot believe she is here and she is mine. Aria is growing and changing so much, so fast, it’s incredible. I’m loving the pink, but it’s strange at the same time after so much blue. I’m still trying to get used to putting tights on, but I do love babies in babygros. They have plenty of time for little outfits. 
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