The Funny Things My Children Say – 33

Bro and Sis

I haven’t done this post in a while so here is a selection of the funny things my children have said recently:- 

Tyler:- “Mr Skinny Legs took Shy Guy’s Hay.”
Me:- “Did she?”
Tyler:- “Guinea Pigs don’t share, that’s not nice.”

Me:- “What are you doing with the dinosaurs and a truck honey?”
Lucas:- “Taking the dinosaurs to jail.”
Me:- “Fair enough.”

The boys are obsessed with football, especially my oldest Lucas. Here is a selection of the conversations they’ve had about footballers.

Lucas:- “Wayne Rooney is a great footballer, I want to go him on Fifa. Is he real?”
Me:- “You do know Wayne Rooney is a real person?”
Lucas:- “No they are characters on the tv.”
Me:- “No they aren’t honey, the football on the tv is played somewhere in the country on real parks with real people.”
Lucas:- “I thought that was only Rangers.”
Me:- “No that’s the only team you’ve seen play.”
Lucas:- “Tyler, do you know the football players are real live, walking people.”
Tyler:- “Really?”
Me:- “Yes, Fifa game is based on real live people.”

Lucas:- “That’s David Dehay.”
Tyler:- “No it’s not it’s David Dehair. Hay is for guinea pigs and that would mean the Man U goalkeeper would be a guinea pig.”

What funny things has your child said or done this week?

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