Baby Girl Birth Story

I’m finally getting around to posting Aria’s birth story, it’s taken me a while and not sure why, I just couldn’t get it down. So here goes…
The day before Aria’s birth day it was Tyler’s 4th birthday, I was so invested in making sure he has his day and enjoyed his last day as the baby of the family. My husband Robert was off and he took Lucas to school after we opened Tyler’s presents. Tyler is such a grateful we boy and loved everything. We took him out for lunch before nursery and he bought yet another soft toy to add to his collection. At night we had a family dinner with the extended family and a cake. But knowing I was going in for a c-section in the morning, I couldn’t stop feeling nervous and didn’t want the day to end. Yes I wanted to meet my baby but after too traumatic births I didn’t feel ready. I hate people making a fuss of me and didn’t enjoy everyone wishing me luck and the big hugs I was getting from the family about going in tomorrow. I love my family and I love hugs, but hate fuss and it was making me more nervous. I just needed some time and not think about it. 

I read the lovely Honest Mum’s post on having the perfect c-section again. It helped a lot to read how wonderful hers was. I had some toast at 10 am to take some tablets I was given for the build up of gas after the op tomorrow and then tried to sleep. My ribs were in agony and my mind was doing overtime. I knew I’d packed everything in the hospital bag, but you never know. I set the alarm for 6 to take the second lot of tablets and then I got up for a shower. The boys were still sleeping and hubby went back to sleep. By the time I got out the boys were up and I didn’t have any more time to think about the impending day. I made sure the boys knew what was happening and that I wouldn’t be back that night. My mum came over before 7 and it was time for us to leave. I kissed the boys good bye thinking next time I saw them I’d have a baby. Very surreal. 
I didn’t talk the whole 20 minute drive to the hospital I stayed in my own little head. I was terrified something was going to go wrong and I’d be leaving my gorgeous boys without a mummy. Arriving at the hospital just before 7:45, there was already a couple in the room, I thought that’s fine they will go first and give me time to think. The nurse came to see me and asked me to piddle in a cup and then get changed into two gowns, one on the front and one on the back. So attractive. I saw so many staff after that from the anaesthetist, to surgeons to head surgeons and midwives. All asking the same questions, bearing in mind I signed my consent forms the week prior and saw the anaesthetist that week too. But they went over it all again. And wanted my kidney disease explained and checked and looked up. 
Then at 8:40 it was time for me to go. I was shocked, it was so quick, I wasn’t ready. That walk along to the operating room was strange, I was going to meet my baby. One I’d try so long to have and wanted to much, but still I didn’t feel ready. Are you ever? Hubby was getting changed into his medical outfit. There were loads in the operating room but it was a lot calmer than when I’d had my emergency section with Tyler. Everything was explained and nothing was rushed. I was given the spinal and was helped to lie down. Sheets were put up so I couldn’t see and I was prepped. 
It was explained since it was my second it might take a bit longer due to scar tissue. I didn’t think about that. I was numb and I was as ready as I was going to be. Robert came back in and looked less white than when he nearly passed out when I had Tyler. They began getting the baby out and I started to feel so sick. They tried giving me anti sickness but it didn’t work and I was vomiting into a bowl held by the anaesthetist. I felt awful. I was getting juggled about so much and felt so much tugging and pulling. It turns out baby girl was so high in my ribs they had to use forceps to get her down. There was no way she’d have come out herself I was told. I’d never heard of them using forceps for c-section. And then she arrived at 9:24 am it was all so quick.
I didn’t get to see her at first but could hear her and was told it was a girl. Robert could see her and I couldn’t wait. She was here. I had a pink one, after two blue ones I couldn’t believe it.
She was perfect, tiny but perfect in every way and I was in love with this baby and my husband all over again.  I was kept in the recovery ward and moved to a side room on my own where I was put on a drip, catheter, etc for the foreseeable future until they monitored my kidneys, etc. 
First Born
A planned c-section was definitely far easier than the emergency one, especially after being in labour for hours. Knowing now, if I did it again, which I won’t I’d be calmer. I was a nervous wreck and terrified even knowing everything was planned and under control. Trust in your care, I wish I had more and just went with the flow, but then it’s not me. The birth was far easier and far easier on my body too. I’m glad I was given the option of the planned section and don’t regret it for a minute. Yes I’ve had a few complications since but I’ll blog them separately. 
But she’s here and she’s amazing. Perfect in every way and her brothers are in love too. She already has her daddy wrapped around her little finger. We are a perfect family of 5 and we love it. I love it. 
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