The Funny Things My Children Say – 32


Here is a selection of the funny things my children have said recently:- 

Lucas:- “So mum the baby’s head is there?” Pointing to the lower end of my tummy.
Me:- “Yes honey.”
Lucas:- “So it comes out with it’s head on your leg?”
Me:- “Yes sweetie, something like that.”
Lucas:- “hmmm”

Lucas:- “The teacher says we are getting 9 meters of snow today.”
Me:- “9 meters is a lot honey, we wouldn’t be able to open the front door.”

Tyler:- “Mummy can you build the knuckles and Sonic track?”
Me:- “No right now honey, I’m making dinner but I’ll try to build it later on.”
Tyler:- “I’m the boss of the playroom and I want knuckles.”
Me:- Ok, if you are the boss of the playroom, then you’ll be able to build knuckles yourself.”

Me:- “Don’t bite your nails honey. They’ll get sore.”
Lucas:- “Dad bites his toes.”
Me:- “Gross and no he doesn’t, no way would he be able to do that.”

Lucas:- “Is it time to get up yet?”
Me:- “Look at the clock honey, what time does it say?”
Lucas:- “I can’t tell, only digital clocks tell the real time.”

Me:- “What did you have on your pizza?”
Tyler:- “Macaroni.”
Me:- “Macaroni?”
Tyler:- “Yes the spicy meat.”
Me:- “Ahh you mean Peperoni.”

Tyler:- “Look mum I have a chin moustache.” As he puts some chocolate spread on his chin.

Tyler:- “Mum can I have Romato Sauce please?”

What funny things has your child said or done this week?

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