Happy 4th Birthday Little Dude and Blog

Today is my youngest, Tyler’s 4th birthday and my blog’s 3rd birthday. Happy Birthday my gorgeous boy and happy birthday to my blog. Both of which bring me a lot of happiness in my life. 
Yes I started blogging on my little boy’s 1st birthday, it seemed as good a day as any and his birth post was my very first post which you can read about here
Before I go onto Tyler’s birthday I would like to thank everyone who reads my blog and has kept my company over on twitter. I have made so many wonderful friends through my blog and twitter, ones I hold in my heart and have met many in real life too. I love my blog and I love everyone who reads and comments on it. I have had so much support and strength from it, I do not know what I’d have done without it. Thank you to Mostly Yummy for encouraging me to start, we both started at the same time and thank you to everyone else. I hope you continue to read and follow our journey as a family of five shortly. 

Tyler, where has the time gone, I cannot believe he is 4 already, where has the time went. Tyler makes me laugh, smile, infuriates me and makes my heart swell every single day. He is the smiliest, happiest, most contented boy I know but has a bit of a temper when he doesn’t get his own way. Thankfully he is growing out of the temper tantrums and has now learnt you don’t get your own way. Tyler has the most gorgeous big eyes and smile with dimples that wraps everyone around his little finger I might add. I’m sure this won’t get any better as he gets older. 
Just look at this face? How could he not wrap you around his little finger.
Chocolate Face
Tyler has done so much this year, started nursery back in March, where he has come on leaps and bounds. He’s still not liking joining in with this that make him centre of attention, like duck duck goose and what’s the time Mr Wolf. He loves playing it but not being the picked one. I’m sure he’ll over come this as he’s a confident little boy, one who loves to chat, play and do puzzles. He’s writing his own name and knows all about his numbers. He’s one clever little cookie.
Tyler’s nursery picture.
Nursery Picture
He idolises his big brother Lucas and misses him like mad when he’s at school. They get on so well together and play so well together. They love sharing a room and I love sitting on the stairs listening to them chat before falling asleep. 
Tyler when he turned 3.
Piggy Hat
Tyler is at Tiger Cubs which is the younger version of Taekwondo. He loves it and is doing really well getting his Tiger Stripes. 
Tiger Cubs
Another big point of this year was Tyler falling and knocking his tooth out. You can read about it here
Baby Tooth
Tyler has never lost his love of pigs, he adores them in every way. He has piggy teddies, clothes, socks, mats, you name it he loves it. This is still his favourite costume and he looks so adorable in it. 
Piggy Costume

Even when grumpy, you still have that little glint of mischief in your eye which I’m sure you take from my dad.

Grumpy Boy
Tyler loves nothing more than running around and jumping, Here is him at his best. 
Puddle Jumping
And his love of all things soft, he rubs then against his face and sleeps with a ton of soft toys. He loves them. 
Boy and Pooh Bear
4 Year Old
Here you are my 4 year old. 
And your cake. 
Piggy Cake
We love you very much and are so very proud of you, you’ll always be my baby boy. Happy birthday Tyler and hope you have a wonderful day. Love mummy xxx
And Happy Birthday to my blog too. Here’s to another year. 
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