Final Bump Post And Birth Day

Today is the big day, at 7:45am I head to the maternity hospital to give birth to my baby by cesarean section. Not sure what time I will have the baby at but it will be before 6pm. I have to say I’m terrified and very nervous. After two traumatic births resulting in both my baby’s and my life being at risk, I’m hoping this one will be a nice calm delivery. I had a lot of complications after my last birth and during the birth hence the planned section. 
I’ve not been keeping great since Thursday when I got my husband’s sickness bug. I was monitored on the Friday in hospital as I’ve had previous pre-eclampsia and was showing some symptoms, but hopefully everything is ok and resting will help. 

I am excited to meet the new arrival and hoping the boys like their new brother or sister. But I’m more nervous about it, I’m hoping once I’m there and calm I will feel better about things. In the meantime I’m trying not to think about it too much. 
Here is my final bump picture at 39 weeks. I’m huge now and can safely say there will be no more. I could not go through this again. My bump has been so uncomfortable the last month and especially the last few weeks. My ribs are in agony and have had very little sleep. I’m not sure I’ll miss this bump as much as I missed the boys, mainly because I don’t feel this one move all that often so it’s been more of a worry and had to prod the baby to get it to move.

Bump Pic 39 weeks
I am looking forward to meeting you baby and then working out a name. Watch this space for birth news and follow on twitter. I will post as soon as I can or get hubby to do it. 
Wish me luck and I’ll see you all on the other side when we are a family of 5.
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