Bump Post – Weeks 32-37

I haven’t done a bump post for quite a few weeks, I hadn’t actually realised it had been so long, what with the Christmas break and all. So what’s been happening? I’ve got a c-section date of the 22nd January which is the day after my youngest, Tyler’s birthday. Not ideal but they wanted me to have it on the 21st and I just couldn’t do that to Tyler and not be there for his birthday. I will be 39 weeks and 1 day. I just hope and pray I can keep the baby in that long and don’t go early. After two horrible deliveries, resulting in two wonderful babies I hope to have a calmer delivery this time. Fingers crossed. 
I am keeping ok, no sign of pre-eclampsia so far which is good and my kidneys have been behaving themselves. This pregnancy has been very different and has probably been my best one health wise, even though I’ve had some issue with this pregnancy it’s definitely been less than previous ones. However, one other difference is that with Tyler I was happy to keep him in forever, but I’m already in a lot of pain with this one and so uncomfortable that I will be glad when he or she arrives. My ribs are killing me and I’m getting no relief from it at all no matter how I sit or where I lie. It’s making me very grumpy with the pain and lack of sleep and I’m not a grumpy person. I must write this down, there will be no more after this one, I couldn’t go through this again.

Work is also getting uncomfortable, this post is a week behind so will update about work in my next bump post. Sitting at a desk all day isn’t best with a big bump. There really should be some desks with the bump space cut out, how cool would that be. 
I’ve been trying not to think about the delivery too much as I’ve been stressing myself out in case it came early and I ended up with another emergency section. And then the recovery, I didn’t have a great time last time and still have a numb foot because of the last delivery. I had lots of numbness for a long time all over my body but the rest came back. I’m not going into that here, but it’s at the back of my mind. Not forgetting the PND, please I’m hoping this doesn’t rear it’s ugly head, but who knows. I’ll be better prepared this time. 
I have never been so stressed as I am carrying this baby. I’m a worrier and a planner, but even the tinniest of things and I’m panicking. Think it’s all the hormones or something, but I don’t feel like me. I feel a little out of control, or a big bit out of control. Ok, maybe I’m just plain crazy. I sound it. 
Baby hasn’t been moving anymore than it has been, which isn’t all that often. Takes me a while every evening, to sit down and prod my tummy a few times to get a few kicks. Weird. My other two were very active. Either the anterior placenta or just a nice chilled baby. Hoping it’s the later and it stays that way. Sometimes worrying, when I can’t get it to move but usually after 1/2 hour it never fails to perform. What a little darling. The weirdest thing is my belly button, I usually have such an inny belly button and it pops out sometimes, totally freaks me out and never had that before. Weird. 
Lucas is really looking forward to the baby and is fascinated by my bump and how it will come out. Tyler not so much, but I think he doesn’t know what to expect. I am hoping I will be able to give him a birthday to remember on Monday while he’s still the baby of the family and he loves his little brother or sister as much as he loves and adores his big brother. 
Is it just me who has all these worries before a baby or is this normal? I certainly don’t remember worrying about so much before. This pregnancy has been so different. Some good some bad, but all in all I can’t wait to meet this little angel. 
My bump is much bigger now, but still oh so high, hence the rib pain. Ouchy. This picture was taken for my works night out so I was about 35 weeks here. Still not as big as with the boys, with Lucas I was huge, even though he was a little 6 1/2 baby, but had pre-eclampsia. I will post an up to date bump pic at the end of the week. 
35 week bump
I got my 36 week growth scan last week and here is a picture of the adorable little bubs face with his or her wee chubby cheeks. Amazing how big the baby has gotten and was measuring bang on dates and about 7lb which is a lot bigger than the last scan but not too bad. 
36 week scan picture
Well I think I’ve rambled enough for this post. Baby Cybher (since I conceived while away at the Cybher conference, with my hubby of course) will be here before I know it, the room is almost there but I think I am ready in regards to hospital bag, somewhere for baby to sleep, car seat, buggy, etc. I’m sure anything else can wait. What were your essentials prior to baby arriving?
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