The Funny Things My Children Say… 31

Here is a selection of the funny things my children have said this week:- 

The boys got their haircuts on Saturday for Christmas and their Christmas parties.

Lucas:- “Mummy can I keep this haircut until Monday?”
Me:- “Of course honey, it won’t grow that quickly.”

We were at the story telling part of the Winter Wonderland where we were going to see Santa.

Story Teller:- “Who can tell me what you would get to get rid of mice?”
Lucas:- “Mice food which kills them.”
Me:- “I don’t think so honey.”
Story Teller:- “A cat to scare them away.”

Tyler:- “Look I’ve got a nose beard.” As he holds a piece of sausage to his nose.
Me:- “It’s called a moustache honey.”

We were looking at the reindeer at the Winter Wonderland.

Tyler:- “Where’s it’s red nose.”
Me:- “That’s not Rudolph honey, it’s one of the other ones.”

We were going through the nativity scene and seeing who each one was.

Me:- “Who’s that Tyler?”
Tyler:- “Mary.”
Me:- ” Who’s this one?”
Tyler:- “A Knight.”
Me:- “No honey it’s a wiseman.”

What funny things has your child said or done this week?

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