Review – Lego Friends City Park Café

We are big fans of Lego in our house. The boys have went from Lego Duplo and the oldest Lucas is now venturing into normal Lego. They are not into the Lego sets yet other than small vehicles or buildings, their favourite thing is building towers and knocking them down. 
I think Lego is great, great for imagination and great for playing together, not forgetting fine motor skills. However, when I first heard about Lego Friends, which is the first type of Lego aimed at girls I wasn’t convinced. I thought why do they need separate Lego? I had Lego as a child and it was fantastic, I loved it. I didn’t see the point. Until we went to The Lego Land Discovery Centre and we saw Lego Friends in action. Lucas love pink and Lego Friends has a lot of pink it in. We had lots of fun with it. 
I have twin nieces who are 6 years old and they are big Lego Friends fans, so I gave them the Lego Friends City Park Café to play with. They absolutely loved it and so did I . It wasn’t too involved and we got it built up within 20 minutes. The difference between them and my boys is that they actually like to play with the sets as they stand, playing with the little Café, the characters and the items in the Café, whereas the boys would just knock it down. I’m sure in time this will change.
We made lots of pretend items with the Café and had lots of fun serving them to the Lego Friends characters. There is so much detail in this set from money, frying pan, spatula, muffin tins, mixer, utensils, baking trays, bowls, pies and juice cartons. The two characters are called Marie and Andrea. All in all a great product, one that little girls who are Lego Friends fans would love. It got a big thumbs up from my nieces. 
Lego Friends City Park Café is available from Argos and there are some offers on there too. 
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