Review – Hexbug Warriors

Hexbugs are a fab toy, we loved the Nano’s last year and the boys got some of the habitat’s for their Christmas. They are one of those toys that stay out for a while get played with and then put away for a bit and back out again. They are mesmerising to watch and lots of fun. This year Hexbugs have brought out Hexbug warriors.
These little critters are battling robots. Yes just like robot wars from the 90’s. One show I remember fondly watching with my dad and hoping we could build our own robot one day and enter it. Now hubby is getting the same bug and absolutely loves these. The boys are lucky if they get a look when dad is about. So be warned make sure you get daddy a Hexbug Warrior as well as the kiddies. 
The boys prepare for battle.
The micro robots use the physics of virbration to propel themselves forward to battle with their fellow competitors. The warriors come from the furture, all the way from the year 2087 and come in four different colours. These represent the four duelling science academies from the future, which are Virindia Prep, Tronikon Tech, Bionika, Cyborg and Caldera Prep. 
Each of the robots have their own weapons and armour which can be removed and swapped with the other warriors. The warriors do battle in the speciallially designed Battle Arenas and Stadiums. We were sent the stadium and it looks fab. 
When the warriors are ready to battle they crash, jab and jostle with their opponents, until they win or lose by running out of health. When this happens they deactivate. You reset them by pressing the button on their back. 
They are aimed at ages 6 and above, perfect for my oldest. My youngest who is turning 4 is a little young but likes to play along as long as he is supervised. These make excellent stocking fillers, perfect for little boys, big boys and even bigger boys. So much fun to be had.

The Battle Stadium is priced at RRP £29.99, the Battling Robots are priced at RRP £7.99 and the Battle Arena is priced at RRP £19.99. 
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