Happy 6th Birthday To My Baby Boy

Today is my baby boy’s 6th birthday. Yes Christmas eve, he loves it to be honest and I do now too. I was a bit worried about it at first but then not much I could do about it. You can read about his dramatic entry to the world here if you want a wee read.
I cannot believe he is 6 already, where has the time went. And what a wonderful boy he has grown up to be. Everyday he grows more and more confident and amazes me when he stands up on stage in front of the whole school and says his lines or does he piece or sings a song in his school performances. No nerves, no worries and enjoys every minute of it. His maths skills are incredible and his writing and reading is coming on so well and now he’s in Primary 2 he’s settle in well and has lots of friends. 

His brother is still his best friend which is so sweet and they get on so well together, yes they have their moments but more often than not they can be seen playing football in the living room together. Lucas is such a daddy’s boy this year and loves spending time with him watching football and playing games. 
Lucas just after his 5th birthday.
Boy in rangers scarf
Football is Lucas’ favourite sport, he loves football more than anything and loves the football team he plays and practises with. Especially since his daddy is one of the coaches. There was no prouder moment for him this year than when he got his first player of the week. He was ecstatic. So were his parents. 
Player of the week

I am so proud of how well Lucas settled into school and takes it all in his stride. He started in Primary two in August and still loves school. Long may that continue. He always gets the best reports and does his best in everything he does. We are so proud of you. 
Laughing school boy
Another proud moment this year was Lucas getting through two gradings at Taekwondo. His first one was from White belt to white belt with yellow tags and then to yellow belt. It was a big moment for his and we were so proud. 
Taekwondo grading
Lucas all ready for his school Christmas party in his party clothes of purple jeans and a grey and purple top.
Party Clothes
Here you are my 6 year old. 
We love you very much and are so very proud of the boy you are growing into, but you’ll always be my baby. Happy birthday Lucas and hope you have a wonderful day. Love mummy xxx
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