The Funny Things My Children Say…

Piggy & Apple

Here is a selection of the funny things my children have said this week:-

My three year old Tyler has an answer for everything:-

Me:- “Tyler is there juice in that cup?”
Tyler:- “No mummy it’s on the floor.”

Lucas:- “I can’t see it’s too dark.”
Me:- “It’s sleepy time it’s supposed to be dark.”
Tyler:- “I can see in the dark, I’ve got eyes obviously.”

Lucas:- “The sun is bigger than earth, isn’t it?”
Me:- “Yes it is.”
Tyler:- “Giants are bigger than anything.”
Me:- “Probably not bigger than the sun.”
Tyler:- “I mean from their feet up to their head they are bigger.”

Tyler is liking Power Rangers recently and when they transform into the collective it’s called a Megazoid, but Tyler calls it a Mega Toy and puts two of his soft toys together to copy it. It’s actually very cute.

Tyler:- “Where’s my pengy?”
Me:- “Not sure, is it not in your bed?”
Tyler:- “No, maybe it came alive and walked away.”

Lucas:- “What colour do you think my watch will be?”
Me:- “Not sure, but you have to take any colour since it’s in a sealed packet.”
Lucas:- “I want a pink one.”
Me:- “It might not be a pink one, it might be a blue one.”
Lucas:- “Oh look it’s pink. Maybe I magicked it from blue to pink.”
Me:- “Maybe.”

Hilarious the things they say.
What funny things has your child said or done this week?

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