King Scallops & Boned Kippers Recipes

I was sent through some King Scallops and Boned Kippers from The Seabird System Fresh Fish Daily. I have only ever had scallops a few times, but never King Scallops and Boned Kippers, are delish you can’t go wrong. The fish came through in a polystyrene box with freezer packs to keep it fresh. It was perfectly chilled and went straight into the fridge.
King Scallops
The lovely Fish is the Dish people have a recipe for King Scallops with Black pudding on their website, but since hubby can’t have wheat black puddling isn’t an option for him, so we went with King Scallops and Chorizo.

I have never made this before, so here we go.


One Chorizo Sausage
12 King Scallops, probably servers 6 easily as a starter
Chives for decoration

First thing I did was chop the chorizo into slices. They were quite thick, but not too thick, about 4mm.

Copped Chorizo
I removed the orange bits from the scallops, I’m told you can eat them but they can be tough. I thought they looked a bit odd so cut them off anyway. If you know otherwise please let me know?
I then fried the chorizo in a pan until crispy. You won’t need any oil as there is a lot of oil comes off of the chorizo.
Chorizo Frying
I removed the chorizo and put on a plate so I could fry the King Scallops in the chorizo oil. The best way to cook these is to put them in a clockwise motion around your frying pan and by the time you get to the last one they are ready to turn over. They cook very quickly in about 1 minute each.
Frying Scallops
The finished dish, I severed with some chives for decoration. We served this as a starter.
King Scallops with Chorizo
These went down really well, Lucas absolutely loved them as you can see from the photo below.
Eating Scallops
For the main course we had Boned Kippers and mashed new potatoes.
Here you go:-

New Potatoes, I used about 1/2 a small bag
3 Boned Kippers
2 tblsp Oil
2 tblsp Chopped Chives
Small amount of butter
Salt & Pepper to season
First I cleaned and then boiled the potatoes.
Boiling Potatoes
While the potatoes are boiling, I tried to de-skin the kippers, remove any stay bones and cut them up into chunk size pieces. I put them into a frying pan with some oil and fried for a few minutes until cooked. Take them off the heat.
Frying Kippers
When the potatoes are ready, I drained them and mashed them, but not too much. I added in a small amount of butter, salt and pepper, the chives and the kippers. Mixed it all up together and served.
Mash & Kippers
The finished dish. 
Kippers & Mashed New Potatoes
Another super yummy dish and one that has been made a few times since. The boys both enjoy this.
Both dishes were really easy to make and very quick too. The scallops ones is definitely a fancy dinner party style dish that is simple, but would impress with both taste and look. I would recommend both these dishes and the fish.
Check out Fish is the Dish website and follow them on twitter and facebook. You can also purchase fish from The Seabird System Fresh Fish Daily
Disclaimer:- I was sent the above items as stated in the post. I’ve not been paid further for mentioning any of these products in this post. All words and opinions are my own and the links have been included out of courtesy. 
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