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The importance of blogging on the move
Chances are that in today’s mobile age, you no longer wait to check your emails, read the news, or surf the web until you’re at home; instead, you write a quick reply while you’re waiting to pick up the kids or look up the address of a new restaurant or shop while you’re out running errands. So the question is: why would you wait until you’re seated in front of your laptop to write a new blog entry?

Why You Should Blog on the Move
The benefits of mobile blogging have come increasingly apparent in our culture of constant contact. Now, you can upload pictures or videos that you take on your camera or Smartphone to your blog instantaneously, rather than having to transfer the file to your computer at home. You can quickly read and reply to comments made on your blog as well, encouraging reader participation and engagement. And when inspiration strikes, you can take a few moments to write a blog post while you’re still on the move. Simply put, mobile blogging simplifies the entire blog management process.
Great Tools for Mobile Blogging
If you use a blogging platform like WordPress, LiveJournal, or Tumblr, your first step should be to download its app counterpart for your mobile device. Each of these apps allows you to create new posts, read or respond to comments, and view your blog stats while you’re on the move. Adding pictorial or video content to your blog happens right through the app as well. WordPress is particularly good because it allows full access to design and editing capabilities while you’re on the go.
Another app you should consider for blogging management is PayPal. If you have a monetised blog, the app will allow you to transfer incoming payments to your bank account or send money out for guest posts when necessary. The Wikipanion app offers direct access to Wikipedia servers so you can reference the site quickly while you’re on the go, while the DropBox app makes your picture files available to you on any mobile device.
Once you realise the benefits of mobile blogging, you may want to invest in a more portable device that’s easy to type on. The new Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 is an interesting addition to the tablet market, as it comes with a S pen that allows you to easily clip photos and other content for editing, as well as add handwritten messages to photos and emails, or simply to take notes. The new iPad with Retina Display has improved Wi-Fi performance and allows you to take more stunning photos and read crisper text while browsing. Buying a slim-frame Bluetooth keyboard to accompany it will help you increase productivity without you having to lug around a bulky keyboard. That kind of convenience makes me want to sell my MacBook Pro to help fund my next big tablet purchase—and take the blogging process mobile for once and for all.
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