The Funny Things My Children Say…

Smiley Boy

I haven’t done one of these posts for a few weeks, so I’ve kept a note of the things they have said. Here is a selection:-

Me:- “Lucas why are you on the floor?”
Lucas:- “I skied, when I was running.”

Tyler is obsessed with a pen I was sent which is liquid filled and had an object sliding up and down in it, you know they ones you used to get back in the 80’s where the woman’s clothes would come off and boys found this hilarious. Anyway we were sent a Soreen one.

Tyler:- “Does it toast anything?”
Me:- “No honey, it’s just a pen with Soreen & a toaster in it.”

Lucas:- “Look, look, there’s a banana on top of that car?”
Me:- “It’s canoe honey.”

Tyler while playing with a pirate ship he made of out a box said:-

“I need to put my anchors ahoy out.”

Lucas:- “Mummy do you know who’s party I got invited to?”
Me:- “No who?”
Lucas:- “Adam Porn.”
Me:- “You sure that’s his name?”
Lucas:- “Yes, Adam Porn.”
Me:- Looks at invite, “No honey it’s Adam Horn.”

Tyler is obsessed by piggies as many of you know if you read this blog, we came across a toy one the other day and I asked Tyler if he was going to ask Santa for it. He said:-

“No it’s too talkie piggy.” Fair enough.

Lucas:- “I want to get a Dart Fraser costume for my birthday.”
Me:- “Dart Fraser? Oh Darth Vader.”

Hilarious the things they say.

What funny things has your child said or done this week?

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