Review – Small Soreen Squidgy Goodness

We are big fans of Soreen here, well with the exception of hubby as they don’t make a Gluten free loaf, yet. We are still holding out hope on that one.  My oldest sometimes takes a packed lunch to school and loves to have a little Soreen Lunchbox loaf with him. Did you know that the lunchbox loaves are lunchbox approved and meet Government’s food based nutritional standards? Cool huh! They are tasty, yet low in fat and a healthy little snack. 
When we were sent through a whole load of them, as part of the MumPanel Soreen campaign to share out the boys had a field day with them. They made a Soreen lunchbox tower. 

Soreen Lunchbox Loaves
Here is my oldest Lucas tucking into one. 
Munching on Soreen Lunchbox loaf
They are also perfect for snacking after school and just snacking in general. My youngest loves the banana lunchbox loaves and would eat them any time of the day. 
Banana Soreen Lunchbox Loaves
As you can see he loves them. 
Tyler doesn’t start school until a year in August, don’t know how that happened as he’s only 3 1/2 and my baby. With Lucas having his packed lunch case all ready, he decided he wanted a Soreen one and packed his own little snack to take to his Grans house. 
Packed Lunch
Soreen Lunchbox
All ready to go.
Not only are the perfect for snacking on and lunchboxes, I have been buying them to help with morning sickness in my pregnancy. They are handy to carry about in my bag with them being individually wrapped and perfect for during the night snacking when breastfeeding once the baby is here. 
Since we had so much Soreen we knew we had to share, I took some of the lunchbox loaves into work and shared them out with my colleagues, several of them had never tasted Soreen before, how is that possible? Do they not know what they are missing? I persuaded them to try and they loved it. New Soreen fans, I had to give them some vouchers to help feed their new addiction. 
I also took some to give out to some of the other parents at Lucas’ school, we aren’t allowed to hand it into the school due to the allergy policies, but I did take some to Tyler’s nursery and it was gratefully received there. Some of the little ones had them as their afternoon snack. I left some activity packs for the parents and hopefully we have some mini Soreen fans in the making. 
All in all, you cannot go wrong with Soreen, we are big fans and hopefully some others are now too. 
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Disclaimer:- This is a sponsored post in which I will received a fee for talking about Soreen, but the opinions expressed are my own, we really do love this stuff. I also received some Soreen products to try and to give out.
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