Review – Ghost Hunt

Ghost Hunt Box
I love Halloween, it’s a great time of year when lots of fun things come out and you get to dress up, play fun games, etc. In fact I love ghosts, witches, vampires, etc all year round, so no need to just keep it to Halloween. So when we were sent through a game called Ghost Hunt, I was in my element, never mind the boys. 

To play you setup Billy Bones (the skull) in a room with the lights out or dim. It won’t work well in a well lit room. The Billy Bones then projects ghouls around the room, using his infra-red lights. The player then users the laser gun and points it at the ghouls to zap them away. It’s perfect for young and older kid and adults alike as there are three settings from easy, to medium to hard. This adjusts the speed at which they appear. A level for everyone. 
Ghost Hunt
So how is the game tracked? Each person takes a turn with the laser gun shooting the ghouls Billy projects. Each turn lasts about 90 seconds. The laser gun will keep track of each one you shoot and Billy screams with you get a direct hit. Which will either have your children rolling about laughing or jumping and crying. The first time is the biggest fright after that it’s a lot of fun.
If you want to be a real Ghostbuster then this is the game for you. The boys absolutely loved this, so did I and we have went back and played it again and again. I can’t see it being a seasonal toy, but it could be. However I think it’s one for all year round fun. The only downside I found was it required quite a few batteries, 4 AAA for Billy and 3 AAA for the gun. These don’t come included. But ours have lasted well so far.
Ghost Hunt is available from Firebox and is priced at £29.99, which I think is worth the money. It’s simple, easy to setup and both kids and adults will have lots of fun with this. The children love it and it would be great for an adult Halloween party. You know how competitive these adults get.
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