Lego Storage Bricks & Halloween Ones

Both my boys are big fans of Lego. They love both Duplo and Lego. However what do you do with it when you need to store it? I usually have it in a big box but it overspills and it is agony to step on a piece of it barefoot. We’ve all done that before right. 

I found the perfect solution, Lego Storage heads. Room Copenhagen have created a great range of Lego storage boxes in the form of Lego heads and now they have a great new Halloween room. These consist of a bright orange Pumpkin head and a Skeleton Head. We absolutely love these.

The large boxes look like big Lego boxes, which are perfect for storing Duplo or the smaller Lego. You can store loads in these. They are even perfect for storing characters like Power Rangers and Ben 10 characters. It was the Red Ranger’s house for a while. One of the coolest things about these boxes is that if you have a load of them, you can stack them like normal Lego into a giant tower. How cool is that. These boxes come in both large and small sizes.
Lego Storage Box
The Halloween Lego Storage boxes looks awesome, don’t you think? They are great for keeping the smaller Lego in, as they don’t hold a huge amount of Duplo as they only come in the smaller size. They are also great for storing sweets, which is what we are doing with ours just now, just in time for the trick or treaters if they last that long. The Skeleton one is the marble holder just now, which the boys are into. 
Pumpkin Lego Storage
The possibilities of what you can do with these are endless. The boys play with them, put things in them, carry them about, they have even taken them to bed with a teddy in them. I cannot rate them enough. They look fantastic, are fun and they are practical, what more can you ask for.
Skeleton Lego Storage
Do check out Room Copenhagen for further information on these

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