Family Fun at Hollywood Bowl

A few weekends ago my hubby, the boys and I went to Hollywood Bowl in Coatbridge. We have been a few times and the boys love it. They were so excited for days before we went. They were even more excited when they found out we were meeting Laura from Yummy Mummy Flabby Tummy there and her family. We have been out together before but it was a long time ago and the children had a ball together. 
We arrived a little early and spent some time in the amusements section with the children. This can be costly as they jump from machine to machine, but we spent out time playing some air hokey and another can which two can play together. All the bright flashing lights attract children and the men of the party, so be careful to limit your spend. It is a lot of fun though.

Once we were checked in we got out shoes. Bowling shoes aren’t they most attractive, but they fit the purpose and amused Lucas since he is playing a clown in his school show. He thought they would go well and I have to say I agree with him. 
Bowling shoes
The bowling was done up for Halloween and has the lights down low with the bowling alley illuminated. It looks fab. What do you think?
Bowling Alley
One of the best things about Hollywood Bowl is when you set the games up on the machines before you start playing, you can select which people you want the bumper to come up for. For both boys we had the bumpers come up, they come up automatically when it’s their turn and down for both hubby and I. However, I really should have left them up for myself. There is also a metal contraption, that the kids can roll the ball down rather than trying to through it down the lane, much easier for little ones. 
Boys chatting
The boys having a little chat as they excitedly waited to play.  You can also order an food or drink from your lane which is great if you have children and don’t want to leave to go to the food ordering section. 
Bowling Ball
Choosing the right ball is the next important step. Not always choosing your favourite colour as the boys found out. They vary in weight. 
Ready to bowl.
Easy as pie for this little guy.
Bowling Scores
The daddies triumphed in both our games. But we all had lots of fun and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves bowling. 

The boys having fun while waiting on their meal.

Eating Burgers
Munching away.
After the bowling we headed over to the eating area for a family meal, which consists of 4 burgers or hot dogs, 4 chips and 4 drinks. Non of the items are gluten free, but for £9.99 you can’t really complain. It was enough for the boys, but probably the portions are a little too small for adults as a meal, fine as a snack. It took a while to come out and we ended up getting our own cups for the drinks. All in all you can’t complain at a meal for 4 people for £10. It wasn’t spectacular, but it was tasty.
We had such a great time that we will definitely be back again. It’s not the cheapest at £32 for two games, but that’s for a family of four with shoes. It is a lot of fun and worth it as a special treat for the boys. They really did enjoy it and it’s not something they got bored of after a while.
Have a look at the Hollywood Bowl website for a bowling alley near you.
Disclaimer:- Our two games of bowling and family meal were paid for but this does not mean my opinion above is not honest.
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