Tots 100 Film Review – Happy Feet Two

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I was sent through a copy of Happy Feet Two as part of the Tots100 Film Club with Warner Bros to watch and review with the boys. 
My youngest is a big animal fan and one of his favourite animals is penguins. His favourite teddy since being a baby has been a penguin he got from our trip to Edinburgh zoo. The other of course being pigs. But penguins were always his first love. 
Last Saturday we settled down on the couch, made some popcorn and got a few friends to join us and watched Happy Feet Two. 

Happy Feet Two
I’ve said before that my boys aren’t quite into sitting down to watch films, but they did love Happy Feet, so they could not wait to see Happy Feet Two and were very excited about our movie afternoon. We drew the curtains and they settled down. 
Happy Feet Two is about a penguin call Erik who is the son of Happy Feet’s character Mumble. He’s a cute and fluffy little penguin who feels like he doesn’t belong as he doesn’t like to dance, just like in Happy Feet Mumble wanted to dance and the others sang. So he goes to Adelie land and meets a penguin who can fly. Yes fly. When Mumble and Erik get back to where their type of penguins live, which is called Emperor land, an iceberg has moved and all the penguins are trapped. Can they help free the penguins?
The plot line based around global warming and the climate change completely bi passed the boys, they are too young, but they did ask why the ice was melting, which I tried to explain. It was good for thought provoking and making us aware of the damage being done in places we don’t often see.
The music is great and had us all dancing around the living room, very catchy and a lot of fun through out. All the penguins are up there singing and dancing and you just can’t help smiling and clapping along with them. I’m telling you, you really can’t.
The cast of voices for Happy Feet Two is pretty good with Brad Pitt, Matt Damon, Elijah Wood, Robin Williams, etc. The dance scene at the end if one of my favourites and the music is sung by Pink, it’s a great catchy song.
I would highly recommend this film, it’s fun, cute, with dancing and singing penguins, what’s not to love. My boys thought is was great, it was a bit too long for them I found but all in all they enjoyed it. I really enjoyed it too, especially the signing and dancing. This is a film that I won’t mind watching again.
Thank you Tots100 Film club for another great film
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