The Funny Things My Children Say…

This week has been all about my little one’s Tyler’s fall and his loss of his tooth, if you missed out you can read the story here.

He is only 3 and hasn’t been grasping that he’s lost his tooth, he keeps saying:-

“Mummy I didn’t know my tooth fell out.”
“Mummy I can’t eat that I don’t have any teeth.”
“Mummy where’s my tooth?”

Then he got a bad cough, more like a bark and he sat down in the middle of the flour, arms crossed, head down and said:-

“Mummy my coughies is never going away. I’ll have it forever.”

Poor wee lamb.

On Thursday I was off work and the boys were off school and nursery due to the election so we had a craft afternoon. These are the funny things they said when doing the crafts:-

Tyler:- “Ripping papers is fun.”
Lucas:- “Mummy?”
Me:- “Yes?”
Lucas:- “Why’s that lady not got any clothes on? She must be freezing.” He was ripping up page 3 of the sun.
Me:- “Yes she must honey.” Ahh the innocence of childhood. Long may it continue.
Tyler:- “Lukie your picture looks fatabulus. Does mine?”
Lucas:- “Yes it looks great.”
Lucas:- “Let’s see what these two colours make when mixed?”
Tyler:- “Yellow and black makes dark black.”

We had a lot of fun discovering different colours with mixing paint.

What funny things has your child said or done this week?
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