100 Word Count Challenge – Week 40

Here is week 40 of the 100 WC for Grown ups. It is a weekly challenge for all those writers who want to extend their audience to get feedback on their work.
The prompt this Ruby to celebrate our 40th week. It has to be based on this prompt and be only 100 words.

Here is my take on the prompt:-

Today is my son’s blessing ceremony. I’m a witch and come from a history of witches. My baby’s half witch so must be blessed into our Witch community. 
My fiancé a vampire, heir to the throne, can’t attend. Just as I’m about to leave, Nate came home with a small box. “I know I can’t be there today, but I want you to have something to know I’m part of your lives.” 
I opened the box, inside were two rings, with a beautiful ruby encrusted. The blood red ring sparkled in the light. It was Nate. It was perfect.
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