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Powerspin Explanation
I don’t know about you, but I am not a fan of exercise, I wish I was but I’ve never found any I really enjoy. Well other than dancing. I used to do ballet, tap, jazz, etc before I had Lucas but since then I’ve never went back. I don’t have the time to get there by the time I get the boys to bed after work the classes are over. I’ve tried running, etc but I  don’t feel comfortable. So doing small amounts of exercise in the comfort of my own home is something I am up for. When I was told about the Powerspin, this sounded like something I might like. 

I have used this for two weeks now, I wouldn’t say there is a notable different but I can feel it working. With my job as a software developer and operations manager, I do a lot of typing so my forearms have never been a problem, my biceps, triceps and abdominal are a completely different issue. 
The Powerspin is quirky, easy to pick up anyway, even at work in your lunch hour. I’ve not done that yet but I might. The Powerspin is a circular shaped objected, looks a bit like a small steering wheel, which is tube like with a heavy ball that rolls around in the middle. You hold onto the orange handle and work is so the ball spins around. Sounds bizarre but is actually a lot of fun and really easy to use. The ball is also quite heavy. It claims you feel the burn in under 60 seconds and you actually do. 
I was a bit sceptical at first but I can feel the results. I will keep it going and hope to post some pictures when I’m feeling a bit more confident about how I look. I think it is fun, easy and something I hope I will keep up. Right now, it’s a novelty and I’m enjoying it. I hope I can stick to it. I’d recommend this if you are short on time and space and want something that will help to tone your arms and abs. It’s not a cardio work out but it’s fun.
There are some great and easy to follow exercise videos herePowerspin are also available on Facebook, with some very funny pictures that will make you smile and Twitter for more information.
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