Funny Things My Children Says…

This week we have been off a few days for the Easter holidays. I took the boys to a petting zoo.
There was a male Peacock there, that was doing the mating ritual of shaking his magnificent tails feathers as his 
lovely lady peacock friend. Lucas asked me why he was doing that. I told him he was showing how beautiful he was to the lady peacock. So we were standing next to the cage and I hear Lucas telling his little brother Tyler…
Tyler:- What’s that bird doing, making all that noise?
Lucas:- That’s a peapok. He’s the daddy one and showing off to the mummy one. 
Tyler:- Why?
Lucas:- Cause daddy’s peapok’s are showoffs.
Tyler:- The mummy peapok doesn’t have a tail.
Lucas:- Think she’s been to the hairdressers. 
I took Lucas to the opticians yesterday and in the car journey home he said… 
Lucas:- Mum?
Me:- Yes?
Lucas:- Why does daddy always drive?
Me:- He’s not driving now, I’m driving.
Lucas:- When he’s in the car?
Me:- He’s not a good passenger.
Lucas:- Is that because he has no hair?
Me:- Why would you say that?
Lucas:- In case his head gets cold, he can put the heater on. 
Me:- hmm maybe, but I think it’s more to do with he just likes to drive. 

What funny things has your child said or done this week?

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