Easter Gingerbread House

The lovely Jessies Crazy Kitchen and I have kept up our deal in making a Gingerbread house each holiday this year in preparation for making a perfect one at Christmas. It doesn’t seem that long ago since I made my Valentines one, but here we are at Easter.
Here is my attempt at an Easter Gingerbread house, I deviated from the traditional house shape and went for another house of sorts. I decided on a rabbit burrow, what’s more Easter than cute little bunnies and eggs of course. 
I went with a different recipe this time and I was so pleased with the dough and the taste, I will keep using this one:- 
250g Margarine or Butter
200g Brown Sugar, I used light
8 tbls Golden Syrup
600g Plain Flour
2 tsp Bicarbonate of Soda
2 tsp Ground Ginger
I weighed everything out before hand, then put the margarine, sugar and syrup into a pot and melted it over a low heat. I added the flour, bicarb and gingers into a bowl and slowly stirred in the melted mixture. I kept stirring until it became a stiff dough. I rolled it out and for this one I placed it over a pre-greased bowl to get the shape and cut out the door and windows. I cooked in a pre-heated over at 180′ for 12 minutes. 
It turned out not too bad, but does look a bit like a face with two eyes and a tongue sticking out of it’s mouth. 
Then for the fun part, the decorating. My pipping bag burst so the grass didn’t turn out the way I wanted on the hill, but it wasn’t too bad, I didn’t think. And the boys loved the finished look so that was a start. 
So what do you think? Does it look good enough to eat on Easter Sunday?
Don’t forget to check out Jessie’s one. 
The boys had so much fun with the left over dough, look at what they did.
They made some gingerbread mutants ha ha. 
They were very tasty. 
So fun was had all round. Are you going to join us for the next holiday Gingerbread house?
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