Tots100 Film Club Review – The Neverending Story

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I was sent through a copy of The Neverending Story as part of the Tots100 Film Club to watch and review with the boys. I loved The Neverending Story as a child, yes it came out when I was a youngster, in 1984, so it’s quite a few years old now. However, that doesn’t mean the film has dated, far from this is a classic, one I will watch again and again. One that I know my boys will watch again and again. Not only that is has an awesome sound track, that if you were a child of the 80’s like myself, you will be taken straight back there hearing these songs.
My boys are only 5 and 3, so they aren’t the best at sitting through an entire film. So last Sunday we got some goodies, popcorn and the like and we all huddles together on the sofa as a family to watch The Neverending story. 

The Neverending Story is set in the fantasy land of Fantasia, piece of useless information, but I name my first pet lizard after that place. And is about a young boy called Bastian. Bastian ends up in a book shop after being chased by some horrible boys and discovers an old book. He is warned the book is dangerous, that once you read it, you cannot escape from it’s world. This makes him want to read it all the more, as children do. Bastian is drawn to Fantasia and Atreyu’s quest in saving Fantasia. Can Ateyu save Fantasia? You’ll have to watch it to see. 
This film is amazing, the effects for it’s time are fantastic and you are instantly engulfed in the fantasy land and the characters. My favourite is Falkor, the big flying dog. I was so excited that the boys were so excited too. Tyler loved it. I remember as a child wanting to bury my head in his fur. Tyler was trying to pat him on the telly and asking if we can get one. I wish I could have said yes, but the back garden isn’t big enough. Can you imagine his poops, wowzers. 
The boys loved the film, the didn’t sit still through it all but they made it through most of it and came back from playing to watch the end. They kept looking up so they didn’t miss a thing. I think this will be one of our favourite movies to watch as a family for many years to come. I would thoroughly recommend it, it’s got something in it for all ages. A beautiful, spellbinding masterpiece. 
Disclaimer:- I was sent through a copy of The Neverending Story to review as part of the Tots 100 film club. 
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