The Funny Things My Children Say…. No 1

Not sure if this is going to be as funny to everyone else, but it was hilarious at the time to be and hubby. Maybe you had to be there but here goes. 
We got the boys ready for bed and were about to read a bedtime story. Lucas decided he wanted to read the story to us. It was a simple on, with a few words on each page and big colourful pictures. He sat in the middle with us in front of him.
Lucas:- “Hands up if you know what this is called?” He said holding up the book for all to see. “Anybody?”
Me:- I put my hand up playing along. “Tip Tip Book?”
Lucas:- Shakes his head. “No, good try but it’s the book cover.”
Me:- “Ok, can you maybe start reading the book it’s getting late & you have school in the morning.”
Lucas:- “You don’t get to see the pictures I will show you then at the end. “This is the tipper truck and he tip tip tips.”

Me:- “Well done Lucas that was great.”

Lucas:- Holds up the book, “Has everyone seen the pictures. Just let me know if you haven’t and I will bring it around again.” In his best teacher voice. 
He kept this up for the entire book. 
Lucas:- “Anyone have any questions?”
Maybe he’ll be a teacher when he’s older. 
He was also talking about the sponsored mile he is doing for Sports Relief today.
Lucas:- “How far is it to (insert the place he is walking to)?”
Me:- “It’s not far, it’s where you see the boys playing football outside on a Saturday, when we drive home from Football.”
Lucas:- “That’s too long, I can’t walk to there.”
Tyler:- “Take the car then.”
Me:- “He can’t drive Tyler and mummy and daddy will have the car at work. Lucas you’ll be fine, stop being lazy and walk the rest of the school will be walking.”

I think even our children rely on the car a bit too much. 
Have your children said anything funny this week?
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