eBook Review – Witchblood by Emma Mills

Description:- When Jess steals a glance at a gorgeous guy in a Manchester nightclub, little does she realise how he is going to change her life…or should that be death? Yet, the vampire clan could never have predicted what they were taking on. 
With Luke pronounced ‘off-limits’ and the blood of a vampire simmering in Jess’s body, can she forget the love of her life and move on? If not, she will risk exposing the entire Northern vampire clan to untold dangers, in order to live her life the way she wants. 
Can Jess be sure that Luke is all he appears to be? Will she succumb to the attraction she desperately tries not to feel for Daniel? And why does she still crave a packet of crisps more than a tasty teenage boy’s blood?
Review:- I read about this book on another book bloggers site and was intrigued by it and after speaking to the author Emma, whom is lovely by the, on twitter, I decided to buy it. Since I’d borrowed my mum’s kindle to read it, I was all set. 
I was blown away by this book it is excellent and shows vampires the way they should be, blood sucking, sexy and dark. The beginning disturbed me a little in the violence sense, it was a little true to life but I liked how it planned out. I love the main character Jess and how, since becoming a vampire she has mystified those who have been vampires for many years. Daniel is dark and mysterious, but playful too. 
I love that this book is set close by, in Manchester of all places. I don’t think I’ve ever read a book based there, it’s always the main cities that used. I am a little familiar with Manchester so it was nice to read about the bits I know. 
This book isn’t your usual vampire genre, it’s a little witchy and vampire thrown in to the mix. You can relate to Jess in the book and feel for her in her struggle to live as a vampire, fighting against her humanity. Jess is turned into a vampire to save her life, she didn’t choose it but she needed it. Daniel did it to save her and he chose her for a reason. The clan works by the turned one has to do everything the turner tells them too, Jess isn’t really into this and is Miss independent. Biting disgusts Jess and she will only drink blood from a cup strange for a newly turned vampire.
There are lots of twists and turns in this book, along with some romance and angst thrown into the mix. It will keep you hooked until the very end.
Despite this book being a debut novel, it is well written and will keep you on the edge of your seat wanting more. I was very impressed and will definitely be reading more of Emma’s work. I cannot wait for the sequel. I highly recommend this novel to anyone interested in Vampire novels with a bit of a twist. 
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