Cooking with Dora – Making Banana Muffins

We had seen the adverts for the Dora Cooking Magazine, Little Cooks and thought it looked great. I hadn’t been to the newsagent yet but planned on getting it for the boys. We love to cook together and the free utensils, etc you got with it looked great. Before I got to the shop we were sent a copy through to review. 
The boys were so excited to see the magazine and couldn’t wait to try out the banana muffins and they had to take turns at eating their meals off the Dora Plate. And look at these cute silicon muffin cases you get with it.
The first magazine is all about bananas, hence the recipe for making banana muffins. Each magazine comes with a different set of products to help your child eat, cook and create their own food. Inside there are lots of puzzles, pictures to colour, stories and lots of information on healthy snacks and different types of fruit and veg.

We made sure we got everything we needed. 
We got out all our ingredients for making the Banana Muffins and our step by step guide by Dora.  
First we mashed the bananas.
Weighing and measuring the ingredients is a tricky business. And mixing the ingredients is hard work.
The final job before these lovelies go into the oven. Adding the mix to the silicon muffin cases. 
Into the oven they go.
We did some puzzles while we waited on the muffins baking. These were a lot of fun. 
The banana muffins are ready to eat. 
And they were delicious. 
I would highly recommend the Dora Little Cooks Magazine, the free gifts are really well made and a lot better than I thought. The magazine has a lot in it, not just the recipes but they learn fun through food and the Spanish and English words make it even more interesting. With this issue there was a giant poster which is up on the boys bedroom wall, this gives the names of a range of fruit and veg in English and Spanish, along with the pronunciation and all in gorgeous colourful pictures. The only downside is the cost. The first issue is £1.99 which is great value but the price for the rest of the issues is £4.99. A bit steep but you do get a lot for your money and I have since purchased two more of these magazines. Our little utensil collection for little cooks is growing.

Disclaimer:- I was sent the first issue of the Dora Little Cooks Magazine to review, but the opinions expressed are my own.
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