Build a Bear – A Birthday Treat

My youngest boy Tyler turned 3 at the end of January, he loves cuddly toys, so when we were offered the chance to go to Build-A-Bear I jumped at the chance. I have taken Lucas there in the past and he loves it. This time however was extra special as it was Tyler’s first visit. 
We arrived at the shop in Braehead Shopping Centre and were met by the nicest member of staff ever called Shauna. I could not have asked for a sweeter person. She gave Tyler a sticker with his name on it and then they got everyone in the store to join in with the Build a Bear pledge. Tyler wasn’t sure what to expect or do, he was totally in awe of the whole thing.

Tyler then got pick his bear. He chose a white bear with multicoloured spots. He kept cuddling it, even before it was filled. We picked out a sound for the nameless bear, which since it was Tyler’s birthday, he picked out the birthday song. 

Shauna took him through the steps, first up, stuffing the bear. 

Tyler stepped on the pedal to fill up the bear.Then he kissed the heart, rubbed it on his belly, head, etc to give his bear love, warmth, brains, etc. The bear was then stitched up and look more like the cute and cuddly bear he became.

Next up the fluffing, brushing and drying. 
Now for some fun, picking out clothes and dressing the bear. 

Tyler picked out some cars pyjamas and slippers. These were very cute and even have the little cut out for the tail. How adorable does that look? The range of clothes and accessories is incredible.

We got him all registered with his very own birth certificate, where we had to choose a name. Tyler chose Cupcake, a very fitting name I thought, especially since he comes with a little soft cupcake. And one printed on his paw.

I think Tyler had met a new friend, he loved Shauna by the end of the trip. And we even had to come back to the shop the next day for him to spend his birthday money on some clothes for cupcake.

Cupcake got his own box to get carried home in. Of course he was only in the box, until we left the shop. However, you can colour the box in, take it back and they take pictures of the coloured in box, which is then sent all over the world. Now that’s pretty cool.

Tyler absolutely loved his experience at Build-a-Bear and so did we. It was a very special time and made one boy very happy. He loves Cupcake and takes him everywhere. As I said we had to go back and get more outfits and his brother got another bear with his birthday money while we were there. I would highly recommend Build-a-bear to everyone, young and old. There is something for everyone and who doesn’t like a cuddly bear.

Tyler loves Cupcake. He gets lots of cuddles.
Do you have a Build a Bear bear? I do, she’s called Piper.

Disclaimer:- I was given the opportunity to go the the store and was given and bear and an outfit for my child.

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