The Quinny Yezz – Our First Thoughts On This

As part of the Quinny Casters program we were sent the new and gorgeous Quinny Yezz. I was sent this in the Grey road colour which I love. 
The Yezz arrived a few days before Christmas and was a lovely early Christmas present. We opened the very light and unbelievably small box and removed the Yezz. Being female I followed the instruction book and had it all built in 15 minutes. It was straight forward and easy to do. The only minor issue I found was it was a bit stiff to put up and down, that’s just because it’s new and let’s face it we wouldn’t want it to be all loose now would we.
Once it was up it looks like this. How cool does it look. We had too much snow at this point, so we couldn’t get out and about. It doesn’t work very well in the snow as the wheels are very small and don’t go through it. In Scotland that’s not ideal, but it is only a few days at a time we get snow, so no biggie. 

The pushchair itself is so light, it really has to be felt to be believed. When folded is is so light and small. It also comes with a strap that allows you to carry it on your back. Perfect for toddler in hand and buggy of the shoulder, if running for a bus. In fact it is perfect for travelling, light, small and compact. Easily held with one hand. At 5kg it’s the lightest buggy I have ever seen.
The pushchair straps are prefect for holding the smallest toddler upwards. 
Tyler is on the upper end of the toddler size and as you can see he absolutely loves it. Plenty of room and so comfy. He was pushing his teddy’s around in it for a while when it was first put up. It is so light his 5 year old brother was pushing him around the living room in it without any problems. 
Perfect for the school run, it manoeuvres around the streets with ease. It can be spun in all directions very easily and can move around in the smallest of spaces. The handles are a great size and I don’t have to stoop to use. Although the buggy doesn’t recline, it is supportive enough that Tyler could sit back and enjoy the ride. 
The Yezz doesn’t have a basket underneath but it does have a huge pocket in the back which allows all sorts of things to be kept in, from drinks, keys, purse, gloves and hats, etc. You can also hand a large handled bag over it. My only issue was you can’t hang shopping bags on it. I know you’re not supposed to but lets face it we all do. However, it is so light you can steer with one hand and hold the bags in the other without any issue. So it’s not a problem after all. 
The breaking system is on the pedals at the back which are easy and simple to use. Red for on and black for off. Putting up and down is simple and quick and it fits perfectly in the boot of the car, using up very little space. The hood is a good size and has a little lip at the end to help protect against wind and rain. It doesn’t come with a rain cover as standard but it is available later on this year. 
On first impressions, we are loving the Quinny Yezz. Having breezed through the school run and shopping challenges, the only one it failed on was the snow. I think the buggy is good value for money at £175 RRP, it looks great, is so light and easy to use and suitable for babies aged 6 months upwards. 
Watch this space as we put the Quinny Yezz through it’s paces. 
Disclaimer:- I was sent a Quinny Yezz in exchange for my opinions and missions asked for by Quinny. 
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