31 Jan 2011


I'm a Glee Mama
I'm a Gleek, yes I admit it I love Glee. So I joined up with the lovely Mummy's Busy World blog and all the other Glee mama's.
This is my two Glee-ful boys.

Why not come join us. Link up here. 

28 Jan 2011

Winner of the Jess Haines Book Giveaway

The winners of the Jess Haines Book which was picked out of a bucket at random by my lovely 4 year old assistant. Under the watchful eye of the 2 year old adjudicator is:-


I have sent you a message on twitter.
Don't worry if you didn't win, you can still go buy the books from Amazon and all other book sellers.

Review - Humf iPhone App



Description:- The official Humf App is now on the App Store. Based on the top rated TV show on Nick Jr, and available for the iPhone and iPod touch, the app has been designed specifically for pre-school children to pick up and play by themselves.

27 Jan 2011

100 Book Challenge

100 Book Challenge.

The lovely Jax over at Making it up is doing a 100 book challenge .

This means the Jax, her other half and children will be reading 100 books in the month of January. They are doing this challenge to raise money to build a library with Oxfam Unwrapped. This means they have 31 days for three people to read and review 100 books. Not only is the whole family getting involved in reading but they are doing it for a great cause.

You can donate to their fund here . I for one will be giving what I can. You can too, no matter how big or small it all goes to a good cause.

Check out the reviews of the books on the Making it Up blog.

Let's give them all a big cheer to the finish line. Keep going Jax and family, you can do it.

26 Jan 2011

Writing Workshop - We're Going on a Word Hunt...

This is my entry for the lovely Josie's Writing Workshop over at Sleep is for the Weak.

This week the prompt is We're going on a word hunt. This means that we should pick a word we see that inspires us. Since it is Burns day yesterday, it got me thinking how much I love the country I live in. I think the yummy haggis, whiskey and shortbread for dinner helped. So I have decided to write a poem on what Scotland means to me. I hope you like it.

The Gallery 43 - Children

This week's Gallery Prompt at from the lovely Tara over at Sticky Fingers is Children.

This was an easy prompt for me, having two adorable little monkey's of my own. However, choosing which pictures to use was a difficult task. So many to choose from.

25 Jan 2011

Book Review - Bloodthirsty by Flynn Meaney

Description:- Some vampires are good. Some are evil. Some are faking it to get girls. Awkward and allergic to the sun, sixteen-year-old Finbar Frame never gets the girl. But when he notices that all the female students at his school are obsessed with a vampire romance novel called Bloodthirsty, Finbar decides to boldly go where no sane guy has gone before-he becomes a vampire, minus the whole blood sucking part.  With his brooding nature and weirdly pale skin, it's surprisingly easy for Finbar to pretend to be paranormal. But, when he meets the one girl who just might like him for who he really is, he discovers that his life as a pseudo-vampire is more complicated than he expected.  This hilarious debut novel is for anyone who believes that sometimes even nice guys-without sharp teeth or sparkly skin-- can get the girl.

24 Jan 2011

Book Review - A Silver Kiss By Diana Hardy

Description:- A dark and daring addition to the literary world of vampirism, this is a collection of rhyming and freestyle poetry that explores the often taboo themes of power, possession and seduction. Emotionally charging, each poem is written from a different perspective, be it the hunter or the hunted and inspires a deeper look into the psychology of the human mind and the darker aspects of human relationships and society

British Library Hosting Language Evolution Exhibition

The British Library is hosting an exciting exhibition on the evolution of the English language from Anglo Saxon to modern day text speak, with everything in between.  This is the first time there has ever been an exhibition like it, solely looking at the English language which is spoken by over a third of the population. Visitors will get to see where the language came from and where it is headed. See: www.bl.uk/evolvingenglish

23 Jan 2011

Book Review - Imprint by Annie Frame

Description:- This spine chilling book takes the reader into the realms of horror all the more believable because it seems reality not fantasy. The Imprints enter the soul of the narrator with determined power and describe each of their emotions in vivid detail. It is impossible not to be deeply involved, revolted and yet entranced at the same time as the linking of the personalities becomes apparent. Desperation, self destruction and fear are superimposed on the beauty of the rose with its blood red petals. Each bloom shows the astral image of the various characters as their lives have been lived, giving some hope for the future and the lessons offered to the soul as it evolves to enlightenment and bewitching knowledge.

Silent Sunday

Silent Sunday

This is a Silent Sunday post as inspired by Mocha Beanie Mummy

21 Jan 2011

Double Celebration

Today is my baby boy's second birthday. What a difference a year has made and how quickly it has went by. He had been walking for four months this time last year, so he was quite confident but he wasn't talking. Come fourteen months he still hadn't said a word, then all of a sudden he said everything, Wednesday came before Mummy and Yogurt came before banana. This little one seems to miss the baby stuff, like waving and clapping hands to crawling and walking, instead of animal sounds to full sentences. But every baby, toddler and child are different, and develop at a different speed, which makes them wonderful and unique in their own way.

19 Jan 2011

The Gallery 42 - Nature

This week's Gallery Prompt at from the lovely Tara over at Sticky Fingers is Nature.

Nature... it's all around us everyday and everywhere, sometimes is beautiful and amazing, like the birth of a baby, sometimes it horrible and cruel, like the terrible flooding in Queensland, but mostly it's just there, to be looked at and admired. One of my favourite pieces of mother nature is trees. I'm sure my regular readers know that already. Up until the tail end of last year, my favourite season was Winter as I loved the snow. After the amount we had, I didn't love it as much. But, it's still pretty to look at so I thought I'd share these pictures with you, I took them in December.

18 Jan 2011

Birthday Treat - Build-A-Bear Workshop

As you all know it was my oldest son, Lucas' 4th birthday on Christmas eve. We always try to make it extra special for him, there are so many other things going on, you know there's the big red guy visiting that night, etc, etc.

So when we were offered the chance to go to Build-A-Bear I jumped at the chance. I have taken Lucas there in the past and he loves it. This time however was extra special as he was old enough to appreciate it better.

We arrived at the shop in Silverburn shopping centre and were met by the nicest member of staff ever called Mya. I could not have asked for a sweeter person. She gave Lucas and Tyler a sticker and talked him through the process.

14 Jan 2011

Guest Post & Giveaway - Author Jess Haines

I am very lucky to have the very talented author Jess Haines, doing a guest post on my blog today. I hope you will give her a warm welcome. She has some invaluable information to all budding authors on the road to publishing. Not only that but you can win one of her amazing books. Thank you and welcome Jess.

My Road to Publication
By Jess Haines

Hello there! Jess Haines here. I’m the author of the urban fantasy H&W Investigations series. You may have heard of HUNTED BY THE OTHERS and its sequel TAKEN BY THE OTHERS (released January 4, 2011 by Kensington). Susan invited me over to talk to you a bit about the process of getting published.

Book Blogger Hop - Follow Friday

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This is a weekly meme hosted by Parajunkee.

Thank you for stopping by!
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Hope you have a great weekend and happy reading!

Preview - Crime Beat by Scott Nicholson

Crime Beat is Scott Nicholson's newest novella! In Crime Beat, when John Moretz takes a reporter job in a small Appalachian town, a crime spree erupts that quickly escalates to serial killing... and Moretz seems to know a little more than he's printing to page. You can get the kindle version on Amazon. If you're after the Nook version you can get it at Barne's and Noble.

13 Jan 2011

Product Review - Quaker Paw Ridge

Description:- Children’s favourite cereal, Paw Ridge, will be tantalising young taste buds this winter with the launch of Paw Ridge Blueberry, which joins the honey and original versions of the kid-friendly porridge.
Paw Ridge uses the best quality oats and mills them extra finely to create a smoother porridge. The new blueberry variety is a naturally flavoured fruity version that’s sure to be a winner in the morning.

Unlike many children’s breakfast cereals, Paw Ridge is made from 100% natural ingredients - that means no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives. As mums will know, breakfast is the most important meal of the day, providing nutrients for brain function. So a bowl of delicious Paw Ridge is a great way to give kids the nourishment they need to kick start their day.
Paw Ridge is also a good source of fibre – important for maintaining a healthy digestive system. Each serving contains more than two grams.

Writing Workshop - Giving

This is my entry for the lovely Josie's Writing Workshop over at Sleep is for the Weak.

This week the prompt is Giving, help raise awareness of the work of anti-poverty charity ActionAid. This is my poem about giving. I hope you like it.


Review - Step Up The Offical Dance Workout

Description: Calling all music video and film fanatics who need to ‘step-up’ their fitness regime... get ready to dance your way to an awesome body with STEP UP THE OFFICIAL DANCE WORKOUT inspired by the hugely popular STEP UP movies released by Universal Pictures (UK).
Box office smash hit, STEP UP, has sold over TWO MILLION DVD copies to-date and has an army of street dance devotees in every corner of the world.
STEP UP THE DANCE OUT is the first fitness DVD from the perfectly toned STEPUP franchise and promises to shift those excess Xmas pounds to all the latest street sounds.

12 Jan 2011

The Gallery 41 - Body Parts

This week's Gallery Prompt at from the lovely Tara over at Sticky Fingers is Body Parts.

Some are a little more daring than others with this prompt. I went for a safer option, however it did take me a long time to come up with something for this Gallery. One, you would think wouldn't be that hard.

Check out the rest of the entries on Tara's Blog if you dare.

11 Jan 2011

Across the Universe - Launching the Godspeed

Across the Universe is Beth Revis’ debut novel, with such a gorgeous cover. This is a highly anticipated novel, I for one can't wait for it's release. The YA sci-fi novel is the “story of love and murder and madness aboard an enormous spaceship bound for the future.”  

10 Jan 2011

All Fancy Dress - Winner

The winner of the All Fancy Dress competition was the lovely Wendy from Inside the Wendy House. With her winnings she purchased the wicked Medieval Executioner's Costume. She assures me she will have pictures on her blog soon. :)

If you didn't win, please go check out All Fancy Dress website for some great deals and great service.

Galaxy Chocolate & Book Winners

The winners of the Galaxy Chocolate and Books were picked out of a bucket at random by my lovely now 4 year old assistant. Under the watchful eye of the 23 month old adjudicator.

The winners are:-
  1. Jax @ Live Otherwise
  2. Emma @ Adventures of an English Mum
  3. Sarah @ Mostly Yummy Mummy
All should have received the books and their yummy chocolate. Enjoy.

Don't worry if you didn't win, you can still enter, for additional chances to win some books buy a promotional bar of Galaxy and enter the code at http://www.galaxybookclub.co.uk/

This is a sponsored post

8 Jan 2011

Seeking a Cybermummy sponsor

I was one of the lucky mummy bloggers who won a ticket to attend the first Cybermummy blogging conference in July 2010. I was so grateful. I was so excited and nervous about meeting everyone. It was amazing, I loved every minute of it. It was also my first trip to London, so it was extra special and will always hold special and fun memories for me.

 I would love to go to Cybermummy 2011 the event will be held at The Brewery, London on 25th June 2011. It is going to be amazing.

I am keen to find a sponsor so I am able to attend. Please help....

7 Jan 2011

New Year Resolutions or Goals

I would like to set my self some goals or resolutions for this year. I hope to revisit them regularly and give it a go. There are a lot here but I'm always busy and wear many hats like a lot of us, so there are a lots of goals to go with those hats.

6 Jan 2011

Belated Happy New Year

Belated Happy New Year everyone. I know I'm a little late in wishing you all a Happy New Year but things have been hectic here in the Mann household. I know it is everywhere else, I know I'm not the only one. But, I feel like I am drowning, struggling to come up for air.


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