Review – Nip and Fab Clean Fix, Shine Fix and Spot Fix

I was asked to review the Nip and Fab Clean Fix, after reviewing the Nip and Fab tummy fix. I have combination skin and recently with a combination of flow iron and my kidney problems have had a lot of adult acne break out. I haven’t found a cleanser I liked so I thought I’d give it a go. 
This is a oil type of cleanser, you put it on a dry face, rub in and rinse off. It will take off makeup but I would recommend one wash to remove makeup and another cleanse with it to cleanse your skin. Or double cleanse as I was informed recently by a beauty person. I adore the smell of this cleanser, if it came as a perfume I would be buying it, I really would. I think it is the Neroli in it, that I like.  As a cleanser or face wash, it wasn’t for me. It didn’t help clear up my skin, but it didn’t make it worse. It felt nice and it removed even the most stubborn mascara. If you have a normal skin type I would highly recommend this. I have a combination and acne prone and didn’t find it helped. Possibly a dry skin type would be helped with the oil type base. It is hypoallergenic and non comedogeic cleansing oil so it is suitable for all skin types.

With the Nip and Fab Clean Fix, I also reviewed the Nip and Fab Shine Fix. This is a small tube which has a gel inside, you wear underneath your makeup or just on your bare skin. This reduces the shine on your t-zone. This works by absorbing the excess oil flow throughout the day, giving that fresh, healthy looking complexion. 
I really liked the gel, it doesn’t have a great smell, but it works and a little goes a long way. Not only that but it helps calm flare ups and helps prevent blackheads. What more could a girl want? Also a plus side is the small tube is small enough to fit neatly into your handbag. I would recommend this if your skin is a little on the oily side and you want to reduce that shine. 
Having spot prone skin, the Nip and Fab Spot Fix was right up my street. Again coming in a little tub which fits nicely into your handbag. The Spot Fix is a gel which targets blemishes, reducing the appearance of the redness and swelling. Also it helps prevent the appearance of UV-induced erythema for sensitive skin.
The Nip and Fab Spot Fix contains Salicylic acid, which deep cleans the pores, whilst the Vital et targets the spot and the eucalyptus and tea tree soothe and purify. The gel smells of tea tree, giving that clean, medicinal smell, not unpleasant. I would recommend this product for the odd spot breakout, it is excellent at reducing the redness and you can feel it soothing almost straight away. For bigger breakouts, you really need to hit the root of the problem. All in all an essential handbag item for any angry spots trying to pop out. 
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Disclaimer:- I was sent these products in exchange for an honest review once I had tried them on my own skin. 
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