Review – The Nip & Fab Tummy Fix

Description:- This revolutionary formula with amarashape helps to tone, smooth + tighten the tummy area.

If you’re in hot pursuit of a flatter, more toned tum and working up a sweat everyday is just not an option, reach for this daily ab toner. Created with a revolutionary formula ‘amarashape’ this clinically proven product will help to tone, smooth, tighten and slim the tummy area.      

AmaraShape is a highly effective combination of fat burning actives to refine body contours such as waist, thighs, buttocks, and hips. The active substances are caffeine and synephrine. Both ingredients activate the breakdown of lipids in fat cells of the adipose tissue (body fat).

Review:- After having two babies, two years apart, my tummy area certainly isn’t what it should be. So I jumped at the chance to try out Nip & Fab Tummy Fix. Now who wouldn’t want a gel which tones your tummy without the exercise.

First off I absolutely love the smell of this product. If I could get a perfume made up to smell like it I would. It’s gorgeous. Goes on smooth, feels cool and sinks into the skin perfectly. It is not slimy or sticky, its perfect. 
I took before and after pictures, I’m not brave enough to post them yet but maybe in the next six weeks or so I might. There is a definite difference, my skin is tighter, more taunt. It not as flat or toned as I want but I’m sure it will take a bit longer than four weeks for that.
I used the product for four weeks each morning and night and the little wrinkles and indents, you know what I mean if you’ve had baby, they are smoother and slightly less visible than before using the gel. An excellent improvement I would say.

I would highly recommend the Nip & Fab range, I haven’t tried anything other than the Tummy Fix but if i works as well as it does and from the reviews I’ve read it does, I’ll be buying more. If you want a smoother, more toned then this product is for you. Check out the range here.  

Disclaimer:- I was sent a tube of Nip & Fab for review in exchange for an honest review.   
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