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Like most people and especially mums we struggle with our weight. I don’t know about other but I have a sweet tooth and I’m not a fan of exercise. There are always far too many other things I should be doing.
You know how the days goes, you get in from work starving, have a nibble from the sweet jar. At work forget breakfast come mid morning starving, reach for some crisps or a biscuit in the drawer. Lunch time, a ready made roll or sandwich from the shop with some crisps and a cake for afterwards. I’m not big on alcohol so that wasn’t really a big issue for me on the diet front. Sweets were my biggest downfall. After every meal I looked for something sweet. I didn’t eat huge meals and knew when I was full so left some, but I could always fit in a dessert. What is your diet like?

When I was offered a chance to trial Thinking Slimmer’s Slimpod for 21 days I thought what did I have to lose other than the excess weight. I choose to do the Drop two dress sizes are more. I would like to lose one and a half stone.

Thinking Slimmer is so easy to use, you sign-up, download your chosen Slimpod and print out your handbook. You fill in your goals at the start. Mine were to fit into my favourite jeans, be able to wear trousers to work all day and not feel like the waist band is cutting me in half by the end of the day and no longer have a muffin top.
The daily handbook is filled in at the end of the day with how you are feeling and any changes you have noticed throughout the day. This helps keeps you focused on your goals and positive about the changes you are seeing. And believe me you’ll see them. Each day you receive a motivational email, telling you different things about the Thinking Slimmer life changing plan and helping you to achieve your goals. I have to say after the 21 days I missed the daily emails.
Each night I went to my bed and spent the first ten minutes relaxing and listening to my Slimpod. I worried at first about my mind wandering to other things but like the Slimpod dude says, “I am talking to the inner you”. The voice recording is so relaxing and the voice is rather sexy if I do say so. It isn’t a chore, it’s enjoyable  and I look forward to listening each night. It’s some “me” time and it’s doing me good. 
Slimpod is a form of hypnotherapy which changes the way you think about food, the choices you make, how much you each and what you eat. You don’t have to count calories, read packaging, weigh foods or limit yourself to what you can and can’t eat. It all comes naturally. You make the choices and you find yourself eating healthy meals and no more snacking. 
I found within three days I was no longer wanting sweets or biscuits. I wanted fruit or was satisfied with my meals and didn’t feel the need to have some afterwards. This kept going, yes I still had the odd sweet but it was smaller or half the packet. Nothing like before. My choices of food had changed too, I was eating bean salads for lunch instead of rolls and didn’t want take aways. 
However the biggest change I noticed was regarding addiction to diet coke. I drink throughout the day and night and when you are substituting for diet coke that amounts to a lot of diet coke. There were days I was drinking 12 cans a day plus glasses of diluting juice. Just into week 2 of my trial I had cut out diet coke altogether. Of course I had caffeine withdrawal but 3 days and I was diet coke free. This was a huge milestone for me. One I was immensely pleased with.
I noticed I was feeling more positive about myself by the end of week 2 and felt I could come off my anti depressants, I felt I didn’t need them anymore. So I made an appointment with my doctor to discuss this. I had been on them for over 1 1/2 years by this point and was attending counselling. This too I felt I could leave. I find it hard to describe but I felt like me again. I didn’t need this, I didn’t need to keep going over the same things at counselling or tablets to boost my moods. I will do a separate blog post about these two things and why I was on them in the first place later.
By the end of the 21 days, my clothes were looser, I had lost 3lbs and I was far more positive about my life and about me. Three pounds may not seem a lot in 3 weeks but it’s a pound a week which is about the amount you would want to lose. Yes I would love to have seen more but it’s steady and it’s kept on going. 
I’ve continued to lose weight and I have successfully come off the Anti Depressants and counselling. I will keep you posted and will post some before and after pictures once I hit my target.
For me it started out being about the weight loss but it turned into an entire life changing experience and I have Thinking Slimmer to thank for this. I cannot recommend Thinking Slimmer enough, I really can’t.
You can check out the various different Slimpod options here and more information on Thinking Slimmer can be found on their website. 
Disclaimer:- I was offered a trial of Thinking Slimmer in agreement to be part of the case study.
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