Product Review – CBeebies Song Time CD

Description: CBeebies ‘Song Time’ is a 2CD album featuring 50 tracks from the BBC’s popular children’s channel. CBeebies is the largest kids brand in the UK, with over 90 programmes on the channel.
‘Song Time’ is set to be a hugely popular album in the run up to Christmas and it makes perfect stocking filler. Fantastic for entertaining young fans and parents / grandparents can join in and sing along too!
The album has instantly recognisable tracks from the channel including theme tunes from current shows including ZingZillas, LazyTown, Gigglebiz, Show Me Show Me to classics such as Balamory, Tellytubbies and In The Night Garden.

Review: When I was asked to review this album I jumped at the chance. Both my boys love music and cbeebies. The Album comes as two disks with fifty tracks on it, which is fantastic for keeping them occupied in the car or for jumping around releasing some excess energy in the house.

The cd also doesn’t get on my nerves because there is such a variety on this. My three year old’s favourite is Findley the Fire engine he loves this on repeat. My youngest is into In The Night Garden and goes crazy when it comes on.

I think the cd is excellent, not only are the recognisable songs but even the ones that the little ones don’t watch the tunes are catchy so they sing along anyway. This cd would be fantastic for children’s parties and with Christmas coming up it’s a winner.
What a great stocking filler for every little one, they will love to open this on Christmas day.
I would thoroughly recommend this cd to everyone with a toddler, pre-schooler or early primary school aged child.
Check out the CD Song List:-
CD One

1. ZingZillas – ZingZillas Theme
2. LazyTown – When We Play In A Band
3. Postman Pat – SDS Theme Tune
4. Something Special – Something Special Theme And Hello Song
5. In the Night Garden… – In the Night Garden Opening Theme
6. Gigglebiz – Theme
7. Charlie and Lola – Charlie and Lola Theme Tune
8. Timmy Time – Title Music
9. Green Balloon Club – Theme
10. Waybuloo – Time For Yogo
11. Big Cook Little Cook – Theme
12. Guess With Jess – Theme
13. Tinga Tinga Tales – Theme
14. 3rd & Bird – Theme
15. Big & Small – Theme
16. 64 Zoo Lane – Theme
17. dirtgirlworld – Theme
18. Driver Dan’s Story Train – Theme
19. Grandpa in my Pocket – Every Day with Grandpa
20. Numberjacks – Numberjacks ‘Ultimate’ Medley
21. Nuzzle and Scratch – Theme
22. Show Me Show Me – Theme
23. Garth & Bev – Theme
24. Tweenies – Hey Hey Are You Ready To Play? (Tweenies Theme)
25. Uki – The Uki Song

CD Two

1. Bob the Builder – Can We Fix It?
2. ZingZillas – The Great ZingZilla Band
3. Space Pirates – Space Pirates Theme
4. Tweenies – No. 1
5. Yoko! Jakamoto! Toto! – Theme
6. Teletubbies – Say “Eh-Oh!” (Club Mix)
7. Something Special – I Am The Monkey
8. Balamory – What’s The Story In Balamory?
9. Chuggington – Honk Your Horns
10. Alphablocks – Theme
11. I Can Cook – Theme
12. Big Barn Farm – Theme
13. Little Robots – Theme
14. Tommy Zoom – Theme
15. Mister Maker – Theme
16. Kerwhizz – Theme
17. Lunar Jim – Theme
18. Tellytales – Tellytales Theme And Jack And The Beanstalk
19. Zigby – Theme
20. Wibbly Pig – Theme
21. Mama Mirabelle – Theme
22. Finley The Fire Engine – Theme
23. Me too! – On Bobby’s Buses
24. Penelope – Theme
25. In the Night Garden… – Time to go to Sleep

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Thank you Rock and Roll Baby World for sending me this cd to review.

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