Product Review – Ben 10 Ultimate Alien Disc Alien Ultimatrix

Description:- Unleash Ben’s ultimate alien allies from your own Ben 10 Ultimate Alien disc Alien Ultimatrix . This awesome Ultimatrix wrist unit looks just like Ben’s own Ultrimatrix from the show, can be strapped onto your wrist, and features light and sound effects . Load the alien mini discs from 10cm Ben 10 Ultimate Alien action figures (each sold separately) into the Ultimatrix, to see the alien pop up from its disc , and unlock alien light and sound effects . The disc Alien Ultimatrix comes with an awesome Ultimate Humungousaur mini disc , to start off your collection. Ben 10 Ultimate Alien disc Alien Ultimatrix is a great imaginative toy for fans of Ben 10.

Review:- My almost four year old has not long gotten into Ben 10. He’s not one for watching the show but anything with Ben 10 on it, he loves. He has the shoes, the wellies and a t-shirt. This is the first toy he has gotten to do with Ben 10. He loved it. He knew what to do with it straight away and fitted the alien disk straight in. I’m sure he will be saving up his pennies for some more alien disks. This one comes with the Ultimate Humungousaur, whoever that it but he seemed to know, so that was the main thing.
I have to say it didn’t hold his attention for hours, but he does keep going back to it and playing with it.
I would recommend this to everyone with a Ben 10 fan. At £16.97, it’s quite a reasonable price for character toys.
Thank you so much to the lovely and gorgeous Karen from All About The Boys for sharing her Toyologist wealth.
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  • Mom-on-a-Wire

    My son thinks he's Kevin 11, yet will happily have anything to do with Ben 10 . . . far to clever I think :-)!I love those as he already has the smaller one, will be an ideal stocking filler!