17 Feb 2010

Young At Heart Photo Album

Did you guess it was I?

Here I am with my lovely Golden Cocker Spaniel Honey. I was six when this photo was taken. Honey was my best friend; my parents had gotten her when I was about two so I didn't know life without her.

Being an only child and coming from a family full of crazies, Honey was the next best thing and I considered her my family.

We had lots of fun together, terrorising my mother's cats. Did I mention she was and still is a crazy cat lady? She breeds and shows various different breeds of cats.

I do love all kinds of animals, so I guess I gained something from her. She is really good with them to be fair, they love her to bits.

So, on my eighth birthday my parents told me honey was going to live on a farm, as she needed more space to run around. A few years later, my gran told me she went to the big farm in the sky. Why she told me I would never know. We come from a long line of craziness.

I have such fond memories of her and this picture will always make me smile :)

I was tagged by the lovely Sarah at yummymummyno1 to contribute to the Young at Heart Photo Album meme which was started by Tara at Sticky Fingers. I was honoured to be asked. Here's my taggee:-

She is a fellow Scottish lass, who has a love of Moo-sic. Can you guess who she is before clicking over onto her site? Blog


  1. I bet Honey is still running amok on that big farm in the sky! What a cutekin.

  2. Aw very cute pic & dog. I always wanted a dog when I was young, was never allowed.
    Great post, look forward to reading more :o) Crazy Cat Lady hehe love it!


  3. Honey is almost as cute as you ; )
    I have no idea who the taggee is though..? Hmmmm *ponders*


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